Friday, June 23, 2006

Getting Started --

Well, here I am starting a blog. I'm not all that sure what I'm doing, but we'll see what happens.

This blog will be about "Saxe-Bearstein". Never heard of it, you say? Well, little wonder since it is an imaginary 18th century country.

Why create an imaginary country? Well, because I'm a tabletop gamer. I play with "little toy soldiers" on a large tabletop. Sure, I've fought (read "gamed") lots of historical battles -- but usually the odds are stacked in favor of one side or the other.

Saxe-Bearstein will join other imaginary countries in the "Wars of Arcadian Glory".

This refers to the "Arcadian Guild", which is a loose organization of gamers in British Columbia, Canada. Their website is here . . .

With luck, a number of us will build armies and have a grand time on the tabletop.

-- Bluebear_Jeff

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