Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Generating Families & Personalities ???

Several months ago someone posted a system for generating Families and Personalities for the major families in an imaginary country. 

It was different from the Tony Bath version (which I have) but I do not recall who posted it.  Would someone please direct me to it?

-- Jeff

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Progress with ECW Horses

I now have close to 150 horses almost finished for my ECW project . . . that is the good news.  The bad news is that I am not nearly so far along with their riders.

All that I have left to do with these horses is to paint their saddle cloths . . . but they look like a lot of horses, don't they?

What?  Do I hear mummers of unease?  Surely I need to add more horsey detailing? . . .  Actually, no. . . . Please allow me to espouse a bit of my tabletop philosophy.

With cavalry I want the focus to be on the rider, not the horse.  I paint my horses very quickly and simply (as described below).  Particularly since they will be in units, I want the viewers' eyes to "see" horse (you did, didn't you, when you saw the photo above?) and to focus on the rider.

I know that others paint beautiful horses . . . and I appreciate that . . . but my figures are for tabletop play and I'm satisfied with my philosophy.

Some years ago I was timed on my horse painting technique and it was determined that I spent less than a minute and a half total brush time per horse.

"Impossible", you say?  Not at all.  There is of course considerable "drying time" between steps associated with my method, but the "brush time" is quite short.

I start by "black priming" with a spray primer (this is not "brush time" but it doesn't take long).  I wait at least a day, usually more before moving on.  Then I do a very quick "damp brush" with white over the horses . . . so that the raised areas and broad flat areas are covered.  The result looks something like this:

Each horse (even those with the same pose) will have a slightly different mix of black and white.  After that dries, I will then do another (slightly drier) "damp brush" with a "horse color" (numerous tans, light browns, red-browns, and darker browns).

It is important to keep in mind the fact that most paints (especially yellows, reds, and many browns) are really translucent and not opaque.  I don't have a photos of this step, but the result should have a mix of black, white and horse color . . . but it is certainly on the blotchy side.

After they are dry, the final step is to "ink them".  I mostly used two different inks for the horses at the top of this post . . . a chestnut ink and a tree brown ink. . . . I mixed them each about 50/50 with water and "washed" the horses with one or the other.

(Note -- a few horses were washed with a third "nut brown" ink that didn't do well so I will have to re-ink those before using them on the table top.  Perhaps you can spot them.)

I should also note that I turn the painting stick upside down so to be sure to get their bellies and undercuts from below, then run some wash over the top as well.  And again, this (like previous steps) is a very quick process.  I am not being "overly careful".

You can see the result . . . and they look like horses to me . . . although they will look much better with riders (which are not nearly as easy to paint):

-- Jeff

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Sincere Thanks to Murdock

Murdock and his lovely bride visited us for a few hours today . . . and while our wives visited upstairs we descended into my War Room and worked on my ECW Cavalry.

David helped me greatly by doing a lot of the tedious prep-work on many horses as well as some detail painting on several dozen riders.  While nothing is that close to getting on the table yet, they are a heck of a lot closer now than they were this morning.

So a great big "THANK YOU" to my gaming buddy for his wonderful assistance today (as always) . . . and a heartfelt wish for him (and the rest of you) for a wonderful and game-filled New Year!

-- Jeff

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas, etc.

Well I just realized that I had yet to post my annual photo of our "trees".  Alas we are now limited to using artificial trees since I have not regained my strength since my illness and cannot deal with the real ones.  So here I am with our "porch tree":

And here is what the porch tree (and lights) looks like at dusk:

Meanwhile, inside the house, we have our Yule Tree:

And finally, in order to get some sort of "Christmas Tree Scent" in the house we have a bunch of fir boughs in a vase with decorations in our great room:

And so we will wrap up the year as we wish you and yours a most wonderful holiday and a fabulous new year.

-- Jeff

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Artillery & Infantry of Saxe-Bearstein

Artillerists & Artillery (heavy, light and medium) of Saxe-Bearstein

Above you see some of Saxe-Bearstein's splendid Artillery and Artillerists.  Below you will find images of her famous Infantry (please note the grenadiers -- on your left)(Also remember to click on images for a larger view).

Regular Infantry: 

von Beck's Regiment -- rated superior
von Molson's Regiment -- rated superior
von Busch's Regiment -- rated veteran
von Pilsen Pioneers -- rated veteran
von Sleeman's Regiment -- rated veteran
von Egger's Regiment -- rated ordinary
von Koch's Regiment -- rated ordinary
von Schlitz's Regiment -- rated ordinary

Irregular Infantry:

Grolsch Grenzers -- rated veteran
Pabst Poles -- rated ordinary

Skirmishing Foot:

Veltin's Jagers -- rated superior
Richter's Jagers -- rated veteran
Blatz' Jagers -- rated ordinary

 -- Jeff

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saxe-Bearstein Army -- Command & Mounted

Above you can see a sample of a General, his Aides de Camp and some Brigadiers.  Below you may view Saxe-Bearstein's renowned mounted troops.  (Note -- click on any photo for a larger view).

Heavy Horse:

von Ursa Kuirass Regiment -- rated superior 
von Comocks Kuirass Regiment -- rated veteran 
von Goethe Kuirass Regiment -- rated veteran 
von Veltin's Kuirass Regiment -- rated ordinary

Dragoon Regiments:

Edelbrau Dragoon Regiment -- rated superior
Nachtbock Dragoon Regiment -- rated veteran
Wildschwein Dragoon Regiment -- rated veteran
Rottlager Dragoon Regiment -- rated ordinary

Light Horse (irregulars):

Heineken Hussars -- rated veteran

Coors Cossacks -- rated ordinary

To view Artillery & Infantry of Saxe-Bearstein click on this link.

-- Jeff

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Happy Thanksgiving (Canadian Style) to All

Here in Canada Thanksgiving takes place in early to mid October . . . because it gets colder sooner here in the north and it is basically a harvest festival . . . and this year today is the day.

Having just finished a nice turkey dinner that my dear wife prepared for us, I am feeling quite mellow . . . so please allow me to wish all of you a very thankful time; and remember that you do not have to wait for a "special day" to do so.

My very best wishes to all of you!

-- Jeff