Friday, May 20, 2016

Our 2nd Game of "Black Powder"

Rob and I fought the "Bridge at Kronstadt" scenario from Battlegames Magazine and I have finally posted a few images on my "Wars of Stagonian Aggression" blog (clicky).

One of the last units standing at game's end.

For other images, go to Rob's photo-account . . . here (clicky) . . . and yes, the guy in red is me.

-- Jeff

Saturday, May 07, 2016

A Short Update

As many of you know, my health has been troublesome the past few years . . . and it continues to be now.  Still, with the help of a few "gaming buddies" I have been able to play a variety of times.

Our first "Black Powder" game -- Battle of Bittewasser

Last Sunday, Rob and I played our first game of "Black Powder" with two of my "Imagi-Nations", the most worthy Principality of Saxe-Bearstein (cheers welcome) and their vile neighbor, that nasty Kingdom of Stagonia ("boos" and "hisses" appropriate)Here is a link to the battle.

But I have also played some ECW games and several "Lion Rampant" games, as well as a bit of "Pulp Alley" . . . most of which I have not gotten around to blogging about.

Anyway, check out our recent WSA battle . . . that stands for "Wars of Stagonian Aggression" for those who hadn't guessed it.

-- Jeff

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Gift of Terrain

Due to my cancer, I am not able to get out much but have played some "Lion Rampant" over the past month.

From our third "Lion Rampant" game.  

As you can see by the above photo, I use pieces of outdoor carpet to indicate terrain.  Dark Green is used for woods; Light Green (upper left) is used for brush; and Gray is used for rocky areas.

You might also notice that I have trees for the woods and plants for the brush but nothing for the rocky areas.  I asked Rob (one of my players) to gather some small stones so that I could scatter them on the carpet sections.  Rob did so, but then got creative . . . and this is what he did before sending me a photo of what he has made for me:

Rob's Rocks will work magnificently

I think that these will work marvelously, don't you?

By the way, here is a link to Rob's account of our most recent games.

-- Jeff

Monday, September 14, 2015

Pair of ECW "Battles of Whalley" Fought

Well, over the past few weeks we have now gamed the "Battle of Whalley" (April 20, 1643) at my home . . . and while I have been too "under the weather" due to my chemotherapy to actually play, David, Rob and Alex managed to fight it twice.

Most Royalist troops start at rest in the Town.

We used the "Warr Without an Enemie" rules from the Wyre Forest Wargames Club . . . including the scenario for the Battle of Whalley (which is included in the rules as well as online).

Cavalry with 5 DPs moving over bridge.

Above you can see some Royalist cavalry moving over a bridge.  The dark rectangle on the left of the image contains its (currently hidden) Orders.  The white square with the red "5" indicates that this unit already has five "disruption points" . . . (note that the opposite side has the numbers 1 through 4 on different sides so that it can be used to show how "disrupted" the unit currently is).

Because of the "mind fog" that my meds create, I only hosted the games and tried to somewhat follow them.  Once my chemo is over I hope to play myself.

I will leave it to the others to post their photos and accounts since they were both mentally sharper and are better photographers.  When available I will add links to their photos and accounts.

From behind Parliamentary lines mid-battle.

 -- Jeff

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Battle of Southam (1642)

We finally got around to trying out the "Warr Without an Enemie" rules with their suggested 'learning scenario' a few days ago (i.e., August 3rd).

Early action from behind Royalist force.

Unfortunately I was unable to play (my chemotherapy leaves me very fatigued),  but I was able to host, watch and enjoy the battle as Rob (Royalist) and Murdock (Parliamentarian) battled it out.

More Royalist cavalry sweeps out as well.

In case you are curious, Murdock provided the the dark blocks in front of units have their orders written on them.  He also brought some "Disruption Point" markers (sides marked 1-4 and the reverse side with a dreaded 5).

Parliamentarian ponies move up to engage.

Sadly due to my medical state I wasn't able to follow the action well enough to recount it here . . . but hopefully Murdock will soon post an account (and much better photos) on his blog. . . . (which he has now done).

In addition, as of August 16th, Rob has posted his account and photos of the battle here.

Trying to flank the Parliamentarians.

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't in condition to record the game BUT I do recall our all liking the rules.  For me (and I think the others) the main attraction was that the player is challenged to make lots of choices during the game.  I know that we also felt that the mechanics encouraged period results.

So the overall result of the night was that we will definitely play them again.

Oh, and the results of the battle? . . . I think that I will leave that to Murdock to write about. . . . (which he has now done).

In addition, as of August 16th, Rob has posted his account and photos of the battle here.

-- Jeff 

Monday, July 20, 2015

An Update

You might have noticed that I've done very little blogging of late.  The reason is simple, I am back on chemotherapy and between that and my pain meds, I am usually exhausted and seldom clear-headed.

I was able to 'referee' a 16th century battle using Clarence Harrison's "Victory Without Quarter" ECW rule set.  Murdock and Rob faced off and (as expected because he's played before and Rob was new to these rules) Murdock emerged victorious . . . although Rob did destroy several of Murdock's units.

Here are a few photos:

Rob's Centre at start of game.

Murdock's right flank

Mid-battle after a number of units lost on each side.

I was also without a computer for a week or so. I had been thinking of getting a new one anyway when I somehow picked up some nasty malware and my old computer was essentially junk.

So rather than try to salvage it, I bought a new one and it took quite a while for the tech guys to save (and transfer) most of my old data files.

Anyway, I am now back . . . but at a much-reduced level.

-- Jeff

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Edgehill Win for King Charles!

"The cause of the rebellious Parliamentary "roundheads" was dealt a resounding defeat during the recent battle fought near Edgehill."

Near end of battle with rebel centre destroyed

Murdock and Rob were supposed to stop by on Sunday night to play out our 28mm Battle of Edgehill using the "For God, King and Country" rules . . . but Murdock had transportation difficulties so he emailed me to have Rob (who hadn't even read the rules) take over command of the "Roundheads".

Unfortunately Essex (Murdock) had previously committed his reserves to shoring up his left flank so he had left nothing behind his front line . . and at the end of our last session, Apsley's regiment had destroyed its opponent opening up the rebel front.

Needless to say, while Essex (Rob) did his best, King Charles (long may he reign) exploited this opening and soon the end became inevitable and so before long the forces of Parliament were fleeing the field.

"While the leaders of the disloyal opposition have fled, the public need not fear.  They will be apprehended and punished for their crimes by the justice of our good king."

Following are some more images of the action:

Royalist left flank at mid-battle

Parliamentary view of centre opening up

The Roundhead flank is open . . . a target rich feast

Having defeated the Rebel right and centre, Charles closes in for kill

<<< ====== >>>
Rob was expecting to play on my side as a Royalist and had brought some of his finely painted troops.  Here are a few images of them:
Mounted unit by Rob P.

Part of Tillier's regiment by Rob P.

Prince Rupert had foot as well as horse . . . by Rob P.

-- Jeff