Monday, April 14, 2014

ECW Royalist Army Composition

I thought that I'd share with you the intended composition of my ECW Royalist army . . . at least as intended at this point (the figures have been purchase but are not yet painted).  Read more about my ECW adventure on my "Project ECW" blog.

Photo of Murdock's Parliamentary Troops -- not mine

First my Foote:
  • Pike & Shot -- 12 units (5 Green, 4 Veteran, 3 Elite)
  • Commanded Shot -- 4 units (1 Green, 2 Veteran, 1 Elite)
  • Dismounted Dragoons -- 2 units (1 Green, 1 Veteran)
Then my Mounted -- 12 total units -- 10 Horse, 2 Dragoons:
  • 7 units of Gallopers -- ( 2 Green, 3 Veteran, 2 Elite)
  • 3 units of Trotters -- (1 Green, 1 Veteran, 1 Elite)
  • 2 units of mounted Dragoons -- (1 Green, 1 Veteran)
Finally the Artillery -- a variety of different sized guns with enough artillerymen to man as many as we are likely to field.

I should note that the above lists are substantially the same as Murdock's Parliamentary Army except that he will have the exact reverse number of Trotters and Gallopers.

-- Jeff

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vile Stagonian Situation

I'm undergoing another gout attack so I'm zonked on pain killers right now . . . so maybe I'm overlooking something obvious but I seem to be unable to access my Kingdom of Stagonia blog.  It was created using a different email account and Google (which absorbed Blogger) won't let me use that email address.

Therefor I will give you a thumbnail view of the current state of their army prior to "The Stagonian Wars".  Here is a glimpse into my figure cabinet at the main body of the Stagonian forces:

The sharp-eyed among you will notice that there are two fewer foot units than in the forces of the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein.

This is because those two are still in the process of being painted.  Their facing colors will be black and orange by the way.

In addition the army has two units of irregular foot and three of skirmishers . . . all of which are fully painted and based.

To the left is a glimpse of the Stagonian Horse and Dragoon regiments.

As with their opponents they will have a pair of Hussars as well (one of which is painted and one which is not).

And, of course, there are officers and artillery . . . all ready for the table top.

Again all of the figures in the Stagonian army are Blood Axe Miniatures . . . sculpted by Lance Runolfsson and available from Historifigs.

But the Stagonian figures are drawn from the Great Northern war line of figures as opposed to the Saxe-Bearstein figures which are mostly from the War of Spanish Succession line.  The primary difference being that the Stagonian figures have turnbacks whereas the "good guys" do not.

You might well notice that the grenadier hats are also quite different.

You can compare them with the WSS (non-bearskin) versions from my last post.

Actually I should clarify that the irregular units for both armies are mostly drawn from the Blood Axe GNW forces of Russia and Poland.

Again the irregular companies (i.e., stands) are based in a loose diamond shape instead of the more traditional two by two companies of the regular line troops.

Above you can see some in both line and column formations . . . and again they are based on the same size bases  as the mounted troops (around 50mm square) instead of the 40mm square basing of the regulars.

-- Jeff

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Grenadiers & Irregulars

In my post on re-flagging my Saxe-Bearstein army I mentioned Grenadiers and Irregulars.  Today I'll provide a few photos to give some idea as to what they look like.

 Here is an example of what some of my "converged grenadiers" might look like (both from the front and rear).

Oh, and if you are curious about the yellow-coated figures, they are from my "Pioneer" battalion.

I should point out, by the way, that these photos were taken with a brand new (for me) digital camera (since my old one had given up the ghost, I bought it yesterday)

It isn't fancy (under $80 Canadian at Staples), but I'm pleased with the value for money.  It is a Canon Powershot A1400.

As for the different basing of my Irregular units, here is an idea as to what they look like in both line and column:

By the way, for those who might be curious about the figures, the entire Saxe-Bearstein and Stagonian armies are all 25mm Blood Axe figures, sculpted by Lance Runolfsson and currently available from Historifigs (although I don't think they are all listed on their website yet).

-- Jeff

Friday, March 21, 2014

Re-Flagging my Saxe-Bearstein Infantry

Like many others before me I decided to "re-flag" my 18th Century Saxe-Bearstein Infantry.  Why?  Because larger-than-historical flags just look better on the table top.

What you see above is eight 24-figure single-battalion regiments.  All are based on four-figure 40mm square bases.  Generally these regiments will operate as 20-figure units since their stands of grenadiers (rear row) will be converged into separate units within their brigades.

Not pictured are also a pair of "irregulars" . . . also in six-stand 24-figure units.  However they are based differently and have no grenadiers.  The irregulars are based (as are mounted troops) on 50mm square bases . . . (okay I use 47mm square bases instead so that they'll fit in my display cabinet).

Instead of being based in the two rows of two like the regulars, the irregs are in a "diamond" pattern of 1-2-1 so that even in line they have an irregular look.

As I mentioned, mounted troops are based two to a base on the same size bases as the irregs:

Above you see four 12-figure units of Horse and four of Dragoons . . . I haven't yet decided whether or not to re-flag them.

Also not pictured are a couple of Hussar Regiments; and three 12-figure units of foot skirmishers which are mounted on pennies.  In addition  have a generous selection of Generals, Brigadiers and Aides-de-Camp . . . as well as Artillery, of course.

-- Jeff

Monday, February 24, 2014

Flock it

Because once my new cycle of chemotherapy kicks in I will probably not be up to any face-to-face gaming  . . . (the fatigue is really devastating) . . . I have been working on getting my 18th century troops refurbished so that I can have two opponents (Saxe-Bearstein and the vile Stagonians) available for solo play.

This has involved some reorganization, some re-painting, much new painting and a lot of re-basing.  In fact I now have over 300 troop bases to flock . . . and a tedious job it will be . . . but when I'm done I will have a nice pair of armies to use for solo gaming . . . well I will once I've re-written my "Tricorne Wars" rules for solo gaming.

And for those who are interested, no I have not given up on my ECW project.  But there are many hundreds of figures that need to be readied, painted, based and flocked yet . . . and even then I will only have one side (Royalist, of course) so it wouldn't be available for solo play . . . but it will give me something else to do during chemo recovery time.

On another note, my solo "dungeon delves" continue.  I'm finding them interesting since I never know what will happen next . . . and they don't take much time or energy to play out.

Speaking of "out" . . . we need to stay "in" for a while.  Our part of Vancouver Island (off the west coast of Canada for those who don't know) generally only sees one or two snow days a year . . . but we are currently in our third day of continuous snow.  We have about 8" (20 cm) currently on the ground and are supposed to get another 6" (15 cm) today.  Yes, I know that these are not devastating depths for many areas but we are not used to them.

I hope that things are better in your part of the world.

-- Jeff

Friday, February 14, 2014

Troop Dispositions

Today I was reading Malcolm Wanklyn's "Decisive Battles of the English Civil War" and he made a reference to a primary source that showed the planned deployment of troops a couple of days before the battle took place . . . with a comment that that didn't mean that was how the troops actually got deployed for the battle.

Anyway this made me think of all of the times . . . even with a "helicopter" view of the terrain . . . that my deployment sketch had to be adjusted because when I put the figures onto the table there wasn't room to fit the troops in "as sketched".

I can only surmise that this often happened in real life as well . . . particularly when commanders lacked our view/knowledge of the terrain.

Surely I am not the only wargamer that this has happened to . . . am I?

-- Jeff

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

(off-topic) -- My Solo D&D Blog

While it is neither historical nor involving figures on the table top, I have been running some pen & paper solo Dungeons & Dragons "dungeon delves" over on my "The Laughing Owl" blog.

I am now asking readers to suggest where they think the party should explore next . . . so if you are interested, you might want to take a look through the previous posts at The Laughing Owl and then offer your suggestions.

Here is a grand overview of the explored areas so far (try opening it in a separate window for closer look):

-- Jeff