Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Making Do --

First, allow me to thank all of those who've posted their wishes for my health. I am feeling better and I thank you all for your concern. While painful, the "gravel" is not nearly as bad as "real kidney stones" -- those have put me in hospital before. The gravel are sort of mini-stones (about like some grains of sand). They are painful and very fatiguing, but they do pass.

Because of all that needs to be done when moving into a new place, I have not been able to get much work done on my "game room" yet; or to do any painting on my RSMs (they're still bare metal). I have, however, been rebasing some of my GNW figures so that they will serve as "Tricorne Wars" figures.

First I tackled the Swedes so that Pete would have some troops to push around while he's been painting his. He had two full battalions painted along with a general for the last game.

While I've been sidelined with the gravel, I've been working on doing the same thing with my Saxons and Poles so that I can use them to "make do" for Saxe-Bearstein figures. So far I've got three battalions finished, two almost finished and one that still needs a lot of work.

You see, it isn't just re-basing . . . I've also had to re-paint facings so that the figures within the units match each other . . . since "Tricorne Wars" has much larger units than the rules they were originally based for.

I still need to deal with the cavalry . . . and there's only enough Heavy Horse for two 2-squadron regiments or one normal 4-squadron regiment if I repaint.

I can hear some of you now . . . "why not buy some new figures to complete the units?" . . . I would except that they are no longer available . . . and don't mix with anything else. They are some of Lance Runolfsson's "Blood Axe" miniatures. They are quite rough and chunky . . . very easy to paint and I like them a lot . . . but he's not been in business for years now.

So, right now, I'm just "making do" as best I can.

-- Jeff


marinergrim said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better Jeff.

Was the GNW like the WSS in that horse were always discussed in terms of squadrons not regiments? When you look at OB's for the battles of the WSS, whilst the regiment name appears it does so alongside the number of squadrons present - and not always the full number.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, you are correct . . . but I will be using the figures as "stand-ins" for our WAS/SYW-era games.

I will perhaps need to use some "blue-coated" figures (i.e. Swedes) . . . which would be a problem until Pete gets his cavalry painted.

-- Jeff

SteveI said...

Glad to hear your not doing to badly with the grit/stones.
Rebasing has got to be a good idea rather than painting from scratch, especially were time is a factor.


MurdocK said...

Once the 'new' format for the troops is set re-basing is going to be a 'snap'!

Les Princes du Lichtenbourg said...

Ah rebasing !

i hate doing that !

i hope it is not to difficult to do !