Monday, August 06, 2007

Tippelbruder Defenders Get Ready --

After due consideration, Furst Bruno V has decided to augment his troop commitment to the defense of Tippelbruder.

Regiment von Lowenbrau (of 750 men in red coats with light blue facings, brass buttons and yellow hat tape), while trained, is untested in battle (i.e., it has a "Raw" rating).

Therefor the Furst has decided to send two experienced Grenadier companies, those of von Carling (123 men rated "Elite") and von Coors (122 men rated "Veteran") to stiffen our other troops.

Regiment von Carling's grenadiers are in red coats with black facings; while the von Coors troops have pale yellow facings. Both have silver buttons and silver grenadier hat plates.

In addition, our second most senior brigade commander, Brigadier Ernst von Bruin (rated "Steady"), has been dispatched to command our troops and whatever other forces you choose to place under his command.

Accompanying him will be a short company (62 men) of Karlsberg Jagers (sadly rated "Raw") and one 9-pound gun. The former troops may be used for scouting and harassing the Stagonians should they attack.

The Jagers wear green coats trimmed with gray and have no hat lace.

The Artillerymen will be in gray uniforms with red trim and white hat lace (usually rather gray due to the black powder residue.

Unfortunately, the Furst is unable to furnish any mounted troops at this time.

And, while the Stagonian field army is fairly substantial with 8 regiments of line infantry, 3 regiments of "Colonial infantry" (sort of like Grenzers), a battalion of standing Grenadiers. as well as 4 regiments each of Heavy Horse and of Other Horse, plus considerable Artillery, the Furst does not believe that they would commit it all against Tippelbruder.

Regiment von Urquell (red coats with green facings, rated "Veteran") will remain ready to march if needed.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein
for Furst Bruno von Ursa


Snickering Corpses said...

Wow...this post really shows off the effectiveness of your flag coloring system, Jeff. I can imagine what these will look like amidst battalions on the field of battle.

Fitz-Badger said...

I agree. Nice work on the flags.

As for the Stagonian forces I believe you are right. I think some of them are headed my way and I would think they wouldn't leave their own lands undefended - (could there be a danger of a popular uprising?) In any event rest assured The Soweiter league will put up a stout (and ale and lager) resistance! And more troops are mustering in the League even as we speak.