Saturday, September 20, 2008

Polyhedral Chess War --

Weird the way some things happen, isn't it? I sat down to re-read "CHARGE!" this evening . . . and on the first page the thought of a new wargame popped into my head.

Well not really 'new' because it is Chess . . . but with a wargaming twist. Instead of automatically capturing a piece, you each roll a polyhedral (many-sided) die:
  • Pawns roll 1d6
  • Bishops roll 1d10
  • Knights roll 1d10
  • Rooks roll 1d12
  • Queens roll 1d20
  • Kings roll 1d8
  • "attacking" piece gets a +1 to roll
The loser is eliminated. The winner captures (or retains) the square. In the case of a tie, the defending piece retains the square and the attacker retreats back to where he attacked from.

The King is never 'checkmated', he must be defeated in combat . . . so if he's in 'checkmate', he must still move (even though he'd still be in check) and he must then be attacked (remember your +1).

Now if only I knew where my chessboard is . . . well I sort of know where it is . . . it is in one of the many many boxes we still haven't unpacked. *sigh*.

-- Jeff


Oldpaw said...

That would probably be a fun chess variation.

You could even give pieces a flavor for their type.

Like, a knight is D12 on offense but D10 on defense. A rook would be the opposite.

Andy Mitchell said...

Adding this kind of uncertainty into the game might just defeat 'Deep blue' and put humans back on top.