Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Locally Good News --

Up until now Pete (Duchy of the North), Murdock (Duchy of Mieczyslaw) and I have been the only 18th century gamers that we know of in our area. However we now have a fourth . . . which will make a big difference. Two on two battles will now be an option.

This newcomer to our area is Jerry. He is just starting out with his 18th century Imagi-Nations . . . and, like many of us, has decided upon two. His primary nation is the Duchy of Frisland, which borders on the Baltic.

(Note that this could make for interesting relations with Pete, whose Duchy of the North more-or-less claims much of the same area).

His other nation is, like the vile Kingdom of Stagonia, allied with the French. This nasty nation is the Duchy of Loathar. Rumors are already circulating that these two will be working together to spread evil throughout the more civilized imagi-nations of Uropa.

Jerry does not yet have any figures . . . but if you read his HRYNLIAN blog you will see that he's planning on sculpting his own figures.

In any event, the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein welcomes Jerry and his new Imagi-Nations to the "Wars for Arcadian Glory" (i.e., our local 18th century gaming group).

-- Jeff


marinergrim said...

Always good to get new players involved.

DestoFante said...

Bravo, Jeff!
I am sure you guys are going to have a great time soon... I really should bring my tropps to the table, and get some friends and colleagues involved... sigh, if only I had the time now!