Friday, October 08, 2010

Ouch & Double-Ouch! --

A week ago I took a tumble down a couple of steps in our garage . . . not a good idea . . . and, while fortunately I didn't break any bones, I conked my head pretty good and bruised parts of my body that I didn't even know about.

Because of that the next few days are pretty blurry. My head cleared up a bit after the week-end; and while I still hurt lots of places, I was on the mend . . . or so I thought.

My left knee started hurting more and more . . . I guess that the stress it received in the fall ended up triggering an attack of gout!

So, like an eighteenth century general, I am currently severely hobbled. However, unlike those generals I at least have access to medications for pain relief and to mitigate the severity of the attack. Still I am having to hobble around the house with a walker and getting up or down is difficult and painful . . . and it is hard to sleep due to the pain (the knee screams with every little movement).

It really makes me empathize with those old eighteenth century generals.

-- Jeff


Martin said...

Oh Jeff!

From the description, I'd say that was more of a triple-ouch or even a quadruple-ouch! THUNDERATION! Well...take the meds, get plenty of rest, and slap some icebags on where it hurts the most. Get well soon, and watch out for those treacherous steps!

Conrad Kinch said...

In the words of a rather impatient cousin of mine - "Get well now."

In the mean time I am reliably informed that generations of Hapsburgs were put right by potato soup and an early morning ride in the Vienna woods. As your medical advisor I recommend you chart the same course.

SteelonSand said...

Get well soon Jeff!

Fitz-Badger said...

What the other chaps said!
Get well soon!

Fire at Will said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

tidders2 said...

take it steady Jeff, hope you get well soon

-- Allan

Ross Mac said...

OUGH! Indeed. I do hope you sought medical attention, just to be sure.

(I also hope you weren't doing some of that thinking abut games design just before tripping! )

Rest up and get well.

marinergrim said...

Get well soon Jeff 'cos you know those steps aren't going to mend themseves now that you've broken them!!
Seriously - get well soon friend.