Saturday, January 01, 2011

Thinking of Colonials --

Lately I've been wanting to play some Colonials.

And I think that I want to play some "The Sword and the Flame" as opposed to the rules I wrote about ten years ago.


Well because TSATF is a very good set of rules. It has been the leading (as in most played) set of Colonial rules for over 30 years . . . and, as in the photo above, fights often come down to a very exciting finish.

Okay, that's fine . . . but I have a problem.

I last played Colonials in California. I had (and still have) the Imperial forces . . . but my friend Bill S. had (and still has) all of the Native forces. So we're now 1200 miles apart and in different countries.

That means I need to get (and paint) a lot of natives before I can do much . . . *sigh* . . . so I guess that that will be one of my projects this new year.

-- Jeff


Ross Mac said...

Always good to know that there is no end end to the list of possible things to collect. Of course, in the meantime, one could probably have a good game pitting Brits vs Renaiassance Turks or any number of Ancient armies, found in a "Lost Valley" type situation.

In any event, Jeff, I wish the best of health and luck in 2011.


Prince Lupus said...

Happy New Year Jeff.

Always another project ... that's one reason that makes the hobby so great.

A J said...

Happy New Year, Jeff, and a healthy one too.

I'm in a similar position, with most of my wargaming stuff in the UK, nor do I have the income to afford more than a few new figures. Let's hope the New Year is a more prosperous one for us all.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Always good to have something to look forward to.. :o))

That my friend is why I always paint both sides in any of my projects!

freecloud said...

Zulus - can of spray paint and off you go.....

littlejohn said...


I had to sell off all my colonials recently but the bug is always biting...and it is always a pleasure to build up armies in that period....something about all that dash and pluck to keep you going!