Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Stylish Blogger Award" --

Clarence Harrison of Quindia Studios and author of the ECW rules, "Victory Without Quarter", has nominated me for the "Stylish Blogger Award".

Thank you, Clarence . . . at least I think so.

For, as Clarence wrote on his blog, "this award may be somewhat dubious since it comes with a 'chain letter' style rules requiring the winner to 'pass it on'."

Furthermore, a recipient (such as myself) is supposed to do four tasks:
  • Thank the nominating blog and provide a link back -- done!
  • Share seven things about myself, presumably beyond the realm normally covered by the blog -- see below
  • Nominate more blogs you deem worthy to share your honor. -- see below
  • Let those bloggers know you nominated them! -- will do
So let's see . . . seven things about myself that you wouldn't know:
  1. I worked as a Theatre Critic for a number of newspapers
  2. I like to fish . . . but the only "big" fish I've ever caught was a 127 lb marlin
  3. I cannot sing . . . but I've been paid to perform in several operas (many operas have non-singing speaking roles -- my best role was Frosch in "Die Fledermaus").
  4. I cannot play a musical instrument . . . but I've been paid to perform with symphony orchestras (Narrator in "Peter and the Wolf").
  5. My wife and I met on the Internet (in a spiritual chat site) some 15 years ago.
  6. When I was with a theatre group in Colorado, I participated in the 5th International Muzzle-loading Biathlon . . . and finished second over-all for shooting (only -- I'm slow on skis).
  7. I've been reading Science Fiction/Fantasy for over 50 years and still have every SF book I've ever purchased (yes -- thousands of them).
Okay, now I need to nominate some new blogs for the "Stylish Blogger Award". Now, while there are a great many blogs that I read and enjoy on a regular basis, I'm going to severely limit my list to a few that seem particularly special:
I strongly suggest that you visit the above blogs -- and do not limit yourself to their current posts, but sample many of their previous posts. Bill's blog should certainly benefit from starting from its very first post and reading forward.

-- Jeff

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Conrad Kinch said...

Just thought I'd second your nomination, no need to do it again!