Saturday, June 25, 2011

(OT) About Ancients --

For those of you who don't know, we currently have no mail delivery here in Canada. After a long period of fruitless negotiations, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers went on a limited strike. They would take off for two days in a rotating series of major Canadian cities.

After two weeks of this, Canada Post's management claimed that this had cost them $100 million dollars (a ridiculous figure -- if they really were losing that much money for missing a few days business in a few cities when they didn't have to pay any wages, they would normally be making so much that they could easily pay down the national debt) . . . so the Canada Post management locked out the postal workers and we don't have any mail service right now.

Anyway I am now awaiting a number of items that I'd ordered. Among these is "Hail Caesar", the new Ancients rule set. I am hoping that it will help me become re-energized about Ancients.

I got my start with Historical Miniatures back about the time that WRG 7th came out. I fell in with a crowd of fellows who were just starting out playing it . . . . And I started building armies along with them . . . and I collected and painted lots of them (mostly in 25mm).

By the way, while I enjoyed the mental challenge of WRG 7th at the time, I would NOT advise anyone to start playing them today. They have a very steep learning curve and do not in my opinion give a very good simulation of ancient warfare.

Later we switched to DBM, which I felt gave a better simulation of ancient warfare, but which I never really warmed up to.

Anyway I haven't played any Ancients (apart from a few DBA games at Murdock's) for at least 25 years . . . and since I have a lot of large painted armies, I am hoping that these new rules will re-excite me about the period.

Using the WRG List terms, some of the large painted armies in 25mm that come to mind (I think there are more) include:
  • Alexandrian Imperial
  • Hoplite Greek
  • Carthaginian
  • Syracusan
  • Feudal Spanish
  • Feudal Scots
I know that I also have unpainted lead for large 25mm armies of:
  • Indian
  • Gauls
  • Illyrians
  • Early Imperial Romans
  • Ayyubid Egyptians
  • Feudal Germans (partially painted)
In 15mm my painted armies include
  • New Babylonians
  • Hoplite Greeks
  • Early Germans
  • Late Imperial Romans
  • Arab Conquest
  • Feudal Germans
I also have a number of miscellaneous 15mm DBA armies . . . so when I come right down to it, I have a lot of reasons to see if I can re-ignite my long dormant interest in Ancients.

When the lockout ends at Canada Post, maybe the "Hail Caesar" rules will do that . . . and maybe not.

-- Jeff


marinergrim said...

Whilst they never went away, it does seem as though "Ancients" are experiencing a bit of a revival. And this time it looks to be more than Romans and more Romans.

Adelaide Gamer said...

Yep, that's a lot of reasons you've got there. Re the lock out: and it's not even xmas!

Prince Lupus said...

Hi Jeff

Basic Impetus got us back into Ancients. If you have time give 'em a go. They're free on the internet so no waiting for them to arrive.

Die alte Aechzener said...

I feel much as you do - with about 50 painted 15mm armies, it'd be nice to have something to do with them. I started with WRG 4th & moved through all the WRG/DBM versions, in varying degrees of enthusiasm.

I dont know if you looked at or tried Fields of Glory(FOG)? I tried it for a couple of years, but the rules weren't very interesting, and the army lists were so inconsistent and crushingly dull, I really wouldn't recommend them: I look forward to your review, I haven't heard of this set before.

abdul666 said...

WRG 6th was, imho, excellent as soon as one was accustomed to it -and still unequaled.