Wednesday, August 03, 2011

(OT) Public Service Announcement --

My faithful "PC Concepts" ergonomic keyboard has finally packed it in after 15 years (and several computers). During that time my wife has worn out three (much more expensive) MicroScrap ergonomic keyboards.

Well they still worked for her, but the keyboard letters had worn off. If this has happened to you, there is a company that has come to the rescue.

"Buy PC Supplies" sells peel-and-stick keyboard letters that work very well. That's how we rescued my wife's MicroScrap keyboard this last time . . . and how we will now resurrect one of her old discards which I am currently using in place of my old faithful keyboard.

Sure, most of the time we all just "touch type" . . . but then there are those weird "codes" that we have to type in sometimes . . . and we need to look at the keys.

Anyway, the keyboard stickers are $17.95 USD plus shipping . . . a heck of lot cheaper than buying another MicroScrap keyboard with its planned obsolescence.

-- Jeff

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A J said...

An interesting tip, Jeff.