Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Grenadier Option

It you look at the blog title photo above you will see a number of my WSS/GNW Bloodaxe 25mm figures.

I have two nicely balanced forces for some early 18th century campaigning . . . well I do still have a number of units I need to paint for the vile Stagonians . . .  but I do have the lead.

Unfortunately none of the units have any grenadiers and I really would like a "company" of them for each battalion . . . so that I can detach them for converged grenadier units. And today I found out that Historifigs has the Bloodaxe molds for such grenadiers.

So, of course, I need to order some.  But that will mean that I not only will have to paint them, but I'll have to repaint the figures they'll replace into new units.

All-in-all I'll have somewhere between 150 and 200 foot to paint or repaint.  Fortunately the Bloodaxe figures are rather simple to paint.  And, when finished, I will have ten battalions of 24-foot each . . . eight regulars and two irregular units for each side (as well as two 12-man units of jagers for each side). 

In addition I already have eight painted mounted units for each side . . . four horse, three dragoon and one light horse each.  although I do plan to add another unit of hussars to each force later.

So it certainly looks like my painting projects will be waiting for me once I've recovered a bit from the chemo.

-- Jeff


marinergrim said...

Even more incentive for a quick recovery then!

abdul666 said...


Archduke Piccolo said...

I think I am detecting a rise in morale levels, Jeff, as at last you are starting to see an end to your year-long battle. Creating or recreating a new army sounds like a good convalescent therapy to me!
All the best,

tradgardmastare said...

Sounds a good plan Jeff! I look forward to seeing their progress...
best wishes

MurdocK said...

I look forward to a painting day some time this summer.