Sunday, June 02, 2013

Writing Rules

I am in the process of re-working my "Tricorne Wars" rules for my envisioned "Stagonian Wars" mini-campaigns between my two 18th century Imagi-Nations, Saxe-Bearstein and the always vile Stagonia.

And I'm trying a different approach.  In the past I've tried to write them for an "audience" of people I've never met . . . which means explaining everything (and why I've done it that way) as if the reader knew nothing about the period.

All well and good . . . but I would get exceedingly long-winded.

Really, all I need in order to game them for myself and people I'm gaming with is a few charts and a few odds and ends.  I really don't need all of the explanatory "extras". . . especially since I'll either be playing solo or be there to explain anything that needs explaining.

One significant change I'm making has been influenced by my recent solo games of "Victory Without Quarter".  Not knowing what unit was "next up" provided interesting tension in solo play.

But VWQ was designed for smaller forces than I plan to play with.  So, rather than having cards for individual units, I will only have "activation cards" for the C-in-C and Brigadiers.

This move to an "activation deck" has necessitated a few changes to Generals and Brigadiers.  Their "Personality" ratings (i.e., "Aggressive", "Steady", "Careful" and "Political") remain the same. 

However their "Initiative" rating has been changed (they are now usually 2 or 3).  It indicates how many cards that officer will have in the deck.  This does NOT guarantee that a high initiative officer will have his card turned more often since "Turn Over" cards might well stymie this . . . but it should affect what task the C-in-C assigns them.

Also, their "Inertia" ratings will now be generated randomly instead of being tied to their Personalities.  "Command Radii" will also be random (although a bit different than before).

Finally I was able to do some actual figure painting earlier today.  Until now I'll only been priming figures . . . but today I painted the flesh on 110 18th century figures.  Not a huge step, I grant you; but a definite start.

-- Jeff


A J said...

I like the Too Fat Lardies' Sharp Practice rules for the very reason it does introduce the fog of war, that every unit depends on motivation and command to do anything.

MurdocK said...

Bravo with the brushworks Jeff!

Tomo said...

Small steps start a journey too!

I'm interested in your solo adventures so I follow along, though quite often without feedback.

Writing something for yourself to use is easier than writing for consumption by others by about infinity plus one fold...

Ross Mac said...

Good news Jeff. There's a sign of better times ahead.

I've used card activation off and on for years. I like it best for confused situations like encounter battles but that's just a personal thing.

This year I've had some fun by finally getting around making a chance deck by printing out on business cards. I just throw in the joker and which ever side's comes up next draws a card. I use about 50% All Quiet and the rest are 1/2 good, 1/2 bad cards that the player can inflict on the enemy.

Fitz-Badger said...

Painting the flesh on one hundred and ten figures is a small step!? Sounds like a giant leap to me. ha ha