Friday, March 21, 2014

Re-Flagging my Saxe-Bearstein Infantry

Like many others before me I decided to "re-flag" my 18th Century Saxe-Bearstein Infantry.  Why?  Because larger-than-historical flags just look better on the table top.

What you see above is eight 24-figure single-battalion regiments.  All are based on four-figure 40mm square bases.  Generally these regiments will operate as 20-figure units since their stands of grenadiers (rear row) will be converged into separate units within their brigades.

Not pictured are also a pair of "irregulars" . . . also in six-stand 24-figure units.  However they are based differently and have no grenadiers.  The irregulars are based (as are mounted troops) on 50mm square bases . . . (okay I use 47mm square bases instead so that they'll fit in my display cabinet).

Instead of being based in the two rows of two like the regulars, the irregs are in a "diamond" pattern of 1-2-1 so that even in line they have an irregular look.

As I mentioned, mounted troops are based two to a base on the same size bases as the irregs:

Above you see four 12-figure units of Horse and four of Dragoons . . . I haven't yet decided whether or not to re-flag them.

Also not pictured are a couple of Hussar Regiments; and three 12-figure units of foot skirmishers which are mounted on pennies.  In addition  have a generous selection of Generals, Brigadiers and Aides-de-Camp . . . as well as Artillery, of course.

-- Jeff


Fire at Will said...

They look splendid, congratulations

Mosstrooper said...

They look very impressive indeed , think the larger than life flags work very nicely

Ross Mac said...

The new flags look good!

marinergrim said...

very nice too. I always thought that realistic scaled flags look lost on the figures. double the size is better.

tradgardmastare said...

Great flags Jeff-I look forward to seeing the troops in action.
By the way we haven't heard much from Stagonia for some time ...can you remedy this?

Bluebear Jeff said...

I have a couple more units to finish painting in order to get Stagonia up to the same position as Saxe-Bearstein.

When I do, photos will be taken of them as well.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Looking good (and colorful)!