Monday, June 23, 2014

Lots of Artillery

I just finished assembling some 18 artillery pieces and tomorrow I'll prime them (weather permitting).  They are mostly RSMs -- 8 light guns (3#ers), 8 medium guns (6#ers) and a pair of heavy guns (12#ers -- note that I've already got 4 of these painted up).

Half will be given blue carriages and half red.  They will serve for my Stagonian Wars forces as well as for other periods (with different artillerymen, of course).

Of course this means that besides painting the guns, I will have to paint up a bunch of oxen and horses as well . . . and, of course, artillerymen for a variety of periods.

"Why am I doing so many?". . . well, because I had them I suppose . . . and having them, I might as well paint them, right?

-- Jeff


Bluebear Jeff said...

All of the carriages are RSM, but the two "heavy" guns use Blood Axe barrels . . . this is because the difference between the RSM medium and heavy guns is subtle . . . and I wanted there to be an easily noticeable difference (and the other heavies I have also use the larger Blood Axe barrels).

-- Jeff

Ross Mac said...

Makes sense to me.

marinergrim said...

never have too many guns. The plethora of artillery available to the French is one of the reasons I like the 18th century French armies.

tidders said...

Always good to have lots of ordnance