Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More ECW Units Finished

I have now finished the last six pike and shot units for my English Civil War Royalist Army.  Pictured below (along with those in my earlier post (clicky)) are what my dozen pike and shot units look like . . . followed by individual photos of the six new regiments (click for larger images).

12 Royalist ECW Pike & Shot Regiments

The new regiments are as follows:

Sir Anthony Thelwell's Regiment

Sir Lewis Dyve's Regiment

Sir Henry Vaughan's Regiment
Sir Gilbert Talbot's Regiment

Sir Gervase Lucas' Regiment

Marquis of Winchester's Regiment

I am also near finishing four units of Commanded Shot . . . but I still have ten units of Cavalry as well as a couple of Dragoon units (both mounted and on foot) as well as all of my Generals and Brigadiers . . . not to mention artillerymen.

So I am far (okay much too far) from being where I want to be with this army . . . but for me the hardest part is now finished because unlike most gamers I find foot far more tedious to paint than mounted troops.  Beside which all I really only need to finish is some of the mounted and a few officers before Murdock and I can try out some ECW rule sets on the table top.

-- Jeff


tidders said...

A splendid array of foot regiments

-- Allan

A J said...

Lovely stuff, Jeff. It's been a while since I played ECW. Looking forward to your AARs.

ColCampbell50 said...


A colorful array. Too bad Murdock's Roundheads will be using them for target practice. :^)

Jim (an ardent Calvinist Scot)

MurdocK said...

For God, King and Parliament!