Monday, May 18, 2015

Battle of Edgehill -- a First Look

The first major battle of the English Civil Wars was Edgehill . . . so that is what Murdock and I chose as our first battle.

View from behind the Royalist center with Rebels in distance.

Murdock has already posted a pair of blog posts on our battle . . . with much better photos than the few I took:

Also to correct something I had posted earlier . . . we ended up playing on a 5' wide by 10 1/2 foot long table since the 8' table was not long enough.

Also I should publicly thank Murdock's son Alex for his help in playing my right wing (i.e., Prince Rupert's command) since I am somewhat challenged healthwise and was not physically up to dealing with the long table.

Pre-battle view of Royalist right . . . Alex's command

I won't try to recreate the battle (I wasn't up to taking notes) . . . but following are a pair of photos that I took later.

looking from Royalist left down the line.

Casualties mount up on Royalist right wing.

 We had to suspend that battle after seven full turns because Murdock and Alex had a prior commitment (and I was running out of energy) . . . but we are planning on resuming it on this coming Wednesday evening.

-- Jeff


Phil said...

Splendid stuff Jeff.
I'm holidaying in Nice at the moment and have just started reading the first Stryker book, "Traitor's Blood" which begins with Edgehill. So delighted to see your game on the table. Well done!

Phil said...

Goegeous colors on this battlefield!

tradgardmastare said...

Huzzah for an utterly splendid game me thinks!

tidders said...

Nice looking game, looking forward to the end result

Ross Mac said...

The armies look splendid and its good to see you take to the field again.

Is this the 1st of the CWG rules that you have played?

Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, Ross, it is the first CWG rule set I've played (I don't know about Murdock).

By the way you can see more just-posted photos on his blog:

-- Jeff

Gallia said...

Hi Jeff,
Your photos are appealing and remind me to get my ECW units out again. Thank you.
Bill P.

Unknown said...

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