Thursday, June 11, 2015

Edgehill Win for King Charles!

"The cause of the rebellious Parliamentary "roundheads" was dealt a resounding defeat during the recent battle fought near Edgehill."

Near end of battle with rebel centre destroyed

Murdock and Rob were supposed to stop by on Sunday night to play out our 28mm Battle of Edgehill using the "For God, King and Country" rules . . . but Murdock had transportation difficulties so he emailed me to have Rob (who hadn't even read the rules) take over command of the "Roundheads".

Unfortunately Essex (Murdock) had previously committed his reserves to shoring up his left flank so he had left nothing behind his front line . . and at the end of our last session, Apsley's regiment had destroyed its opponent opening up the rebel front.

Needless to say, while Essex (Rob) did his best, King Charles (long may he reign) exploited this opening and soon the end became inevitable and so before long the forces of Parliament were fleeing the field.

"While the leaders of the disloyal opposition have fled, the public need not fear.  They will be apprehended and punished for their crimes by the justice of our good king."

Following are some more images of the action:

Royalist left flank at mid-battle

Parliamentary view of centre opening up

The Roundhead flank is open . . . a target rich feast

Having defeated the Rebel right and centre, Charles closes in for kill

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Rob was expecting to play on my side as a Royalist and had brought some of his finely painted troops.  Here are a few images of them:
Mounted unit by Rob P.

Part of Tillier's regiment by Rob P.

Prince Rupert had foot as well as horse . . . by Rob P.

-- Jeff


tidders said...

Hoorah for the Kinge

thanks for sharing the battles progress - most enjoyale reports and piccies.

A J said...

Nicely painted figures there.

Gallia said...

Long Live Goode King Charles,
and thank you for posting the report.
Well done all.
Bill P.

Ross Mac said...

This is only the beginning!

Compliments to Rob on his figures.

Phil said...

So many splendid units on this table...superb!

Unknown said...

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