Monday, September 14, 2015

Pair of ECW "Battles of Whalley" Fought

Well, over the past few weeks we have now gamed the "Battle of Whalley" (April 20, 1643) at my home . . . and while I have been too "under the weather" due to my chemotherapy to actually play, David, Rob and Alex managed to fight it twice.

Most Royalist troops start at rest in the Town.

We used the "Warr Without an Enemie" rules from the Wyre Forest Wargames Club . . . including the scenario for the Battle of Whalley (which is included in the rules as well as online).

Cavalry with 5 DPs moving over bridge.

Above you can see some Royalist cavalry moving over a bridge.  The dark rectangle on the left of the image contains its (currently hidden) Orders.  The white square with the red "5" indicates that this unit already has five "disruption points" . . . (note that the opposite side has the numbers 1 through 4 on different sides so that it can be used to show how "disrupted" the unit currently is).

Because of the "mind fog" that my meds create, I only hosted the games and tried to somewhat follow them.  Once my chemo is over I hope to play myself.

I will leave it to the others to post their photos and accounts since they were both mentally sharper and are better photographers.  When available I will add links to their photos and accounts.

From behind Parliamentary lines mid-battle.

 -- Jeff


Bluebear Jeff said...

I should point out to those concerned about my health that I am NOT in 'dire straights' health-wise. I have small cancers in my lungs and we are trying to keep them small.

I am certainly hoping to be able to play some table-top action before too long and have talked about such with my fellow 'generals'.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

Take care of yourself Jeff,you are often in my thoughts here in the Duchy.
It is good to see you posting and I hope you will be up to gaming soon.
Best wishes

A J said...

Onwards and upwards, Jeff. You'll be at the table rolling dice soon.

Fitz-Badger said...

The pictures look great! Nice old school look. Fairly simple, but appealing. I also like the nice thick bases on your troops.

Here's to seeing you getting back in the games yourself soon!

marinergrim said...

Look after yourself Jeff. Good to see you can at least participate in games.

Gallia said...

You are doing what Winston Churchill said. Something like: Never, never, never give up....etc. Bravo.

Ross Mac said...

Good to hear that you expect to be rolling dice again ere long.

Phil said...

Good to see these pictures Jeff. Thanks for continuing to post even when not fully fighting fit!
You'll be back soon... After all, The King needs you! Can't have those damned Parliamentarians running roughshod over the verdant, hedge-lined English countryside now, can we?!
All the best

Unknown said...

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