Friday, May 25, 2007

NEWSFLASH -- Major Map Correction

"It was all the fault of a drunken cartographer" is the official version released today by the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein.

The actual borders of Saxe-Bearstein are not at all what was drawn on maps. Indeed the Principality is much larger than previously indicated -- it, in fact, occupies that area once known as "Bohemia" instead of a tiny corner of Saxony.

That's right, Saxe-Bearstein is what was once known as "Bohemia".

If any further proof beyond the statement of Furst Bruno V of the the von Ursas is needed, please note that one of their premiere regiments is named von Urquell in honor of the family that brews Pilsner Urquell . . . and Pilsen is deep in western Saxe-Bearstein.

. . . .

(Okay, upon consideration of the amount of land needed to have the size of army I have planned, the over-crowded nature of that Saxony corner and the "history" and culture of Saxe-Bearstein, Bohemia seems a much better choice for my imaginary country's location.)

Jeff of New Saxe-Bearstein

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