Sunday, June 03, 2007

Variable Dice Woes --

Well, I spent the afternoon up at Murdock's place. We played a 25mm "Napoleon's Battles" game (Friedland).

Now, I don't want to say that the die rolling was unfair -- after all, we used the same pool of dice -- but the dice I chose were of that marvelously variable variety. You see, in "Napoleon's Battles" sometimes you need to roll low (tests) and sometimes you need to roll high (combat).

Now the dice I had (the whole series of them) were certainly not overly friendly when I needed to roll low . . . but weren't horribly unlike everyone else's -- just a bit unluckier than the others.

Ah, but when it came to slaughter, I consistently rolled very low . . . and Murdock seemed to have a d10 with about eight 10s on it. I jokingly accused him of such (of course it had all of the numbers on it) . . . but he rolled like a bandit and I rolled abysmally (I think my dice had about six ones on them).

Still the game was fun . . . or actually the first half was fun. For we are scheduled to complete the game next Sunday . . . and hopefully I will have the good dice that day.

On a positive note, the Duke of the North was also playing and he brought his first Battalion for us to see. The painting isn't finished yet, but he has a very good start on them. Things are looking up for the "Wars for Arcadian Glory" . . . we've scheduled some time in July for more playtests of my rules.

-- Jeff


marinergrim said...

Ahh the variables of chance.

Ask my fellow gamer Mark about pips on dice. he's spent thirty years perfecting the art of rolling that "one" - usually when he needs it the least!!

MurdocK said...

I got a note from General Grouchy after the battle, it read (in part):

The heavy cavalry commander wants the horseshoes back now...