Sunday, December 09, 2007

A note re: BloodAxe Miniatures --

The "stand-in" GNW pictured in my last post (and some future ones) are from BloodAxe Miniatures. I bought them years ago from Lance Runolfsson. Thanks to some legwork by Steve-the-Wargamer, I was able to track Lance down. Here is part of his email to me about these WSS/GNW figures . . . .

"Nice to hear from you. [snip] I am no longer selling any figures. However I have an arrangement with Mike Taber who owns the old Jack Scrubby Line and a number of others to produce my figures for retail.

"The GNW WSS are not lines that he currently produces. I don't know what kind of order he would need to make it worth while for him to make new molds and run some stuff for you but you could give him a try. I'm guessing the lead time would be pretty long if for no other reason It takes me Quite a while to get anything done and I would have to run enough figures for him to make molds for the figures you want then send them to Mike. Mike does all his casting in pewter so the price point would by higher than mine was I am sure. You can get ahold of him from the Historifigs link bellow.

You have a very nice site of your own mine does not compare by content or frequency of update. We are mostly playing WWII here lately with a kind of Hybrid Miniatures Board Game. My site link Bellow

Anyway nice to hear from you.

C-Ya Lance"


Fitz-Badger said...

That's cool.
Old toy soldiers never die, they just fade away. lol

MurdocK said...

I think it is great that a source for some more of those wonderfully simple minis has been found!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Well, as Lance wrote, the WSS/GNW figures are not currently "in production" . . . so they COULD possibly be made -- but it wouldn't be soon.

I do have a big box of mixed BloodAxe figures . . . mostly various Ancients, I think, but I think that I still have some of the Tricorn figures mixed in.

I hope so anyway since I could use a few to fill out some of the units that aren't big enough for my "Tricorne Wars" rules.

By the way, I'd really think that these figures are closer to 28mm (and on the hefty side) than 25mm. The sculpting is less polished than some of the modern British sculptors, but they do have their own charm in my view.

-- Jeff

Der Alte Fritz said...

What a great idea to recap all of your posts and to provide a short summary of all of the battles that took place. I will have to be more mindful of taking more pictures in 2008 so that i can do the same next year.