Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ceramic Houses for 25mm Gaming --

Today I purchased another bunch of "Christmas Houses" for gaming. Our local Zellers (a department store) had a bunch of these ceramic houses on sale for $2.24 Canadian (approximately $1.88 US or 1.47 Euros).

I bought eight . . . two of one pattern and one each of six others. Each has a "footprint" around the size of an index card . . . and they are great for 25mm table top terrain.

Well good once you've painted over all of the 'snow' and obvious "Christmas" decorations.

Take a close look at the photo to the left (i.e., click on it to see the larger version). You can see where I've just painted over the 'snow' on the roofs of the buildings at the bottom of the photo.

These buildings were from a previous year (the photo is from the Wollmitz game earlier this year).

The second photo shows another shot from the same game . . . but this time is one one of the ones that Murdock took during the same game.

Clicking on the above link will take you to his account of the battle . . . and he takes much better photos than I do.

Careful readers will note that I purchased two of one of the buildings. By painting the roofs different colors (and turning them a different angles) they really look like two different buildings. The Wollmitz game actually had three such 'pairs' on the table top . . . although I placed them in different locations.

However do be careful . . . some of the buildings you'll find have automobiles or other modernisms that preclude them if you're going to use them for earlier periods . . . but remember that you can paint over signs, etc..

So take a look as you're out doing your Holiday shopping . . . many stores carry this type of building . . . and some are pricey . . . but a lot of them are very inexpensive and quite useful for the table top . . . and each year seems to bring new patterns of them so it is easy to build a very nice collection rather quickly.

-- Jeff


Prinz Geoffrey said...

They look really good after your covering up the snow etc. Thanks for the posts on flags also.

Martin said...

Hi Jeff,

One of the things I love about this hobby, is that when you're in the "proper frame of mind", you can stumble across all kinds of useful items like these houses. You just have to keep an eye out.



abdul666 said...

Quite useful and pleasant, and with a tremendous efficiency / cost ratio!
In France (& elsewhere I guess) for XMas one finds model houses (& well, fountains...) for Cribs / Nativity scenes. Generally far more expensive, but providing 'mediterranean' buildings...

When I was actively wargaming, my family made (gentle) jokes about my way to 'explore trash bins / dustbins' for "useful" bits and pieces...


marinergrim said...

Great jeff. some simple scenic basing will make them look even better but great as they are.

ColCampbell50 said...

I noticed in today's (Sunday) advertising that Michael's here in the US has their Lemax buildings at 50% off.


tradgardmastare said...

Super buildings and a great idea!
best wishes

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hey there Jeff,

The houses look great. It's amazing what a little creative thinking and painting can do to add useful table-top scenery to one's hobby. And the figures aren't too shabby either. ;-) By the way, I've watched for the e-mail yousent, but haven't seen anything yet. Please resend at your convenience. The current translation project is nearing its end (thankfully), so I can get to a few things that have been waiting in the wings in recent weeks -- your play included.

Best Regards,


littlejohn said...

Those are nice Jeff,.. I always look forward to Christmastime because of the potential additions to my terrain collection. I noticed last week at "Michael's" in the States they were selling nice plastic sheet material with a water texture for Christmas displays as well as brick and stone roadway that with a bit of drybrushing to kill the shine work well for town streets. And there's always those bags of cheap evergreen trees!


Anonymous said...

I've also painted some of the snow bits as moss/ivy. Not to mention leaving a few snowy ones for atmosphere when playing a winter game. My best hit was a few years back when I stumbled on a sale of unpainted ones including some the same size & style but NO snow!

-Ross Mac