Tuesday, April 28, 2009

(OT) A "Television Moment" for Me --

Okay, this really isn't a "biggie" . . . but it was kind of cool anyway.

My favorite baseball team is the San Francisco Giants . . . (notice I don't claim that they're the best team . . . but I saw my first Giant game back in 1958 when they first moved west).

Anyway, being in the wilds of Canada the only way we get to see them is to watch the San Francisco telecasts on the computer. They have a feature where they have people send in questions and the announcers answer one each day on air during the game . . . well tonight's question was from "Jeff in Canada":
"Do switch hitters use the same bat from both sides of the plate? Or do they use different bats tailored to their different swings?"
Yup, that was from me.

They said it was a really good question and spent most of the inning discussing it. Their conclusion was that most of the switch-hitters they knew used the same bat but that some who had very different swings might use different bats . . . and they said that they would call some about it (although I doubt that they will).

Anyway, a small (rather anonymous) moment of fame.

On a different subject, I (in the persona of my "evil twin") am still waiting for Stokes to post the results of the first round of shooting in the Stollen - Stagonia battle for the Sawmill Village.

-- Jeff

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