Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Much New --

Well this has been a pretty barren month gaming-wise. My principal opponent has been busy with "real life" issues as he tries to get his business going in these economically uncertain times.

Also Stokes has had various "real life" issues interfere with our "Charge!" play-by-email game . . . but hopefully that will soon be resumed.

My primary gaming activity of late has been to order a few things for my upcoming birthday (June 19). I've ordered several books from On Military Matters including an extension of my BATTLEGAMES Magazine subscription. I've also ordered some figures.

I've ordered some RSM figures from the Dayton Painting Service; and some Ral Partha Colonials from Great Endeavors.

So now all I have to do is to hope that they get here in time for my birthday.

-- Jeff


El Grego said...

An early 'Happy Birthday' to you!

Any progress on the pre-dreadnought project?


Capt Bill said...

Definately, Happy Birthday! I believe Reich Duke Wilhelm's Grand Tour should be in Saxe-Bearstein to celebrate that glorious day...

Anonymous said...

Re. Stokes, darn Berlin!

Fitz-Badger said...

Let me add my well wishes on your impending (I mean "upcoming") birthday! ;-)
Sounds like you'll have some good presents to open. :-)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Thanks, Guys . . . but it IS still about three weeks before 'the day'.

My wife doesn't know what to get me, so I help her out by ordering what I want.

Then, when they arrive, I just give her the packages and let her wrap them up so that I don't know what is in any of them . . . and when I unwrap them, I'm seeing them for the first time.

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Happy Natal Celebration to Our Fearless Leader! The package delivery/wrapping compromise sounds like an excellent way to maintain the wedded bliss!


Capt Bill said...

Jeff, a young fellow sent me an e-mail requesting to join our group. Can you accomodate him? Part of his e-mail follows: I've been a fan of Emporer vs. Elector for awhile and the whole
Imaginations phenom. I noticed you now follow my Baron's Blog and wanted to
know contentwise (as I post other things besides 18th century) if it
qualified as something to join the other Imaginations. I'm getting ready to
start a campaign soon, and will be doing updates as it progresses. I
haven''t decided whether the "Unkerlant Chronicle" newspaper that will
follow the conflict will be posted on my current blog, or get its own site.
Best regards, Bill