Monday, June 08, 2009

Grand Tour Visits Saxe-Bearstein --

Count Wilhelm Hatzof, the Kingdom of Wittenberg's Ambassador to the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein (pictured at left in the gray coat), and his military attache, Major-General Heinrich von Bose of the Duchy of Fenwick (in the red coat) discuss the latest news with the Cavendarian ambassador, Monsieur Dashiell Jeansonne (in the brown coat), while the Lutelande grenadier, Nils Norberg (green uniform) listens in.

The "Grand Tour" has reached Saxe-Bearstein. Reich Duke Wilhelm and young King Basil have arrived . . . and Furst Bruno von Ursa is providing some very different entertainment than that which has greeted them in other states.

"They have started with a 'pub tour' . . . which means that they are drinking beer in various local taverns." says Monsieur Jeansonne.

"And why not?" responds the general, "Saxe-Bearstein is justly famous for its superior brews. I think that they're even better than those of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein . . . and that is saying a lot."

"Indeed", responds Count Hatzof. "I wonder how the Reich Duke will judge them?"

"And later in their stay they are supposed to go 'fouling' . . . which sounds just too disgusting to even consider." responds Jeansonne.

"Pardon me, Ambassador," interjects the Lutelander, "but I fear that you have misunderstood. They are going 'fowling' . . . that is to say, hunting for ducks and pheasants with double-barreled long guns."

Count Hatzof adds, "Indeed, it is quite the sport. Given that the birds are flying and you have to take into account not only the time that it will take the shot to reach them, but that, as you know, there is a time delay between pulling the trigger and the frizzen charge going off and then igniting the main charge. It is quite the challenge to bring your bird down."

"Then it will be excellent training for the young king," replies Jeansonne. "For there is much unrest in his grandmother Princess Theofilia's Morea."

"Indeed", replies the Count, "It is thought that she sent her grandson on this tour primarily to keep him safe during the troubles her country is currently experiencing."

"Indeed." the others all agree.


Capt Bill said...

Drinking beer and fowling, what could be more relaxing? Major Debauchery, Reich Duchess Lynda's military aide, requests that any relatives of Dick Chaney be removed from the fowling party!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

funny post. "fouling", what could that even be?

littlejohn said...

LOL! Fowling indeed!

Auston Jeff Butler said...

That was a fun read.