Wednesday, July 01, 2009

(OT) I've Started a "Mythic" Blog --

Inspired by reading some of the Accounts of gamers using the "Mythic Game Master Emulator" (the one with the blue cover), I've decided to try running a solo adventure using it.

Sorry, I'm not placing this initial trial in the Eighteenth century . . . or even on Earth. Yes, I'm running a Fantasy adventure (please forgive me). Because of that, I'm not adding it to the "Emperor vs Elector" blog lists -- but I have added it here.

It is called Mythic Fangharm Quest and so far I've just set the scene . . . now I'll spend a few days re-reading the GM Emulator to make sure that my pain med muddled mind understands it.

Anyway, take a look if it interests you.

-- Jeff

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