Wednesday, July 01, 2009

RSM Dismounted Dragoons --

Well my RSM order arrived . . . and it contained their Dismounted Dragoons . . . and here are some photos of them straight out of the bag. (Remember to click on them for a larger image).

By the way, although their website hasn't yet registered the changes, they've increased their prices a bit . . . but they are still amongst the most reasonably priced figures around.

Their infantry bags (36 figures) now cost $29.00 US (up from $27.00).

Their cavalry bags (12 mounted figures) now cost $25.80 US (up from $22.20).

And their bags of 6 mounted generals /aides is now $12.90 US (instead of $11.10).

A brief note on these figures. I didn't even really look at them (I'm zonked on pain medication for kidney stones). I just opened the bag and grabbed four figures. I didn't look for flash or bent metal . . . and I can see a bent scabbard now.

Anyway, here are some raw photos for your evaluation.

-- Jeff


Capt Bill said...

Jeff, Thanks for the photos and pricing update! Sorry to hear your still not up to par. Best regards, Bill

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice minis and prices! Looking forward to seeing how they look painted (hint, hint). Although, I shouldn't say too much - my painting output is often slower than my usual snail's pace during the hot months of Summer here on the edge of the desert.

Auston Jeff Butler said...

Thanks for the update and looking foward to seeing these minis paitned.