Monday, January 25, 2010

Grizzlyville Painting Day --    

Well Murdock and Pete stopped by yesterday (Sunday) and we managed to get 44 figures painted for the Grizzlyville games at our local Dak-Kon convention (end of February).

To the left you can see what we painted.  There are six gangs of six.  Each gang has its own hat color (white, grey, black, yellow, tan and brown).

(note -- click on photo for larger image.)

You will also note eight "North-West Mounted Police" figures . . . well you probably thought that they were British Colonial figures, didn't you? 

Well the NWMP (precursor) to today's Royal Canadian Mounted Police did indeed look like British Colonial troops . . . including having tropical "pith helmets" as their official summer headgear . . . which wasn't very practical . . . the modern Stetson "Campaign Hat" becoming their standard headgear after the Boer War.

Anyway, thanks to the help provided by a couple of friends, I now have enough figures for the Convention.  Aren't friends great?

-- Jeff


Capt Bill said...

Nice to hear of a group paint by good friends!!!

marinergrim said...

Friends certainly are. And different styles don't show through either.

Ross Mac said...

Friends are indeed great and that's an impressive output for a one day painting bee! If you ever expand on this and want more mounties including mounted ones in pillbox as in the days of Louis Riel, check out RAFM.

MurdocK said...

It was a nice quiet day out from my four walls.

Fitz-Badger said...

Painting "parties" like that can be a fun and companionable way to crank out a number of troops quickly. Do please give us a battle report after the con (with pics, of course!). :)