Monday, March 01, 2010

My Perfect Rule Set --    

I've been reading the new "Black Powder" rulebook between naps (my bug makes me sleep a lot) . . . and this evening I took a break and read Phil Olley's article on his Thirty Years War project in the new "Wargamers' Annual -- Volume 1"

It got me to thinking about "my perfect rule set".  One of the things that concerns me is how units look on the table top.

The problem is . . . I really like the "no figure removal" concept of "Black Powder" and other rules . . . and I really like the individual figures (and figure removal) of "Charge!" and "The War Game", etc.

A bit of a problem, what?

I demand simple mechanics . . . but want a great deal of flexibility while maintaining proper period character . . . which usually means detail, not simlicity.

I do not want every unit to look like every other unit . . . I want units to have a variety of sizes.  Wow!  Guess what?  That one is pretty constant . . . what do you know?  There's at least one aspect that I'm settled on.

But not settling on the others makes it difficult for me to define my perfect rule set . . . and let me be clear about this, my perfect set isn't necessarily what anyone else would find "perfect" (or even acceptible).

One of the problems that I have with a number of periods I'd like to play is that I really can't decide HOW I would like them to look on the table top.  It makes things difficult . . . particularly in finding that "perfect rule set".

-- Jeff


marinergrim said...

I don't believe there is such a thing as a "perfect" set of rules. I think every rules are like women. All women are beautiful it just takes more looking for in some than others!

A J said...

What he said. ;) In Napoleonic rules alone I've run the gamut of Bruce Quarrie (fractions, bigad!) through In the Grand Manner to Shako before settling on the latter. I guess as always no wargamer is ever 100% satisfied with rules.

MurdocK said...

The 'rules' modification game is *part* of the game ~ isn't it?

Prince Lupus said...

All part of the fun. I agree entirely and have a number of sets of rules for the same period. I tend to have different scale armies too. For SYW I use Charge with my 20mm and Volley and Bayonet for 6mm and 15mm. Very different types of rules but both simple and fun.

However about to try BlackPowder for our 28mm AWI. Aaaaaaaarrrgghhh!

Fitz-Badger said...

Just got my copy of the Wargamer's Annual.

As for rules I have a tendency to buy various rulessets and then as often as not modify the heck out of them or drop them and use my own "rules". Of course, as a solo gamer that's easy enough for me to do.

Anonymous said...

Rules have always "bugged" me (sorry for the terrible pun Jeff) all my wargaming life. I always seem to find a set that I like, then another one comes along and grabs my attention. In the end I generally go for simple rules, because they lead to more "knock 'em down & drag 'em out" games that I enjoy.