Friday, March 12, 2010

(OT)  It's what?  SNOWING?  --  

Yes, I woke up today to discover that snow is falling from the sky and building up on the ground.

"Yeah, well you live in Canada, eh?"

Our only other real snowfall this season was on December 14, 2009 . . . that is three months ago.  Since then we've had the warmest January on record and a February where the temperature hovered aboud 50` all month.  Heck, right across the way, they had to truck snow in for a bunch of the Olympic venues.


(note:  photo taken at 1 pm from kitchen window -- click on it for larger image.)

-- Jeff


marinergrim said...

ROTFLMHO - the Olympics are not the white out predicted and no sooner have they finished then it starts to snow.
There has to be something in this. Is it a sign that the Almighty is not a sports fan?

Capt Bill said...

It must be that Global Warming thing!

Frankfurter said...

Or that all the hot air generated by the media types is finally drifting off ... and causing storms down here in Arkansas!

MurdocK said...

Actually the Paralympics are on right now in the same venues and they are doing lovely in all the extra snow!!!

I was just over in Vancouver and saw a whole crowd going to Cypress Bowl (the venue that had to bring in snow) and the report was that there was good snow now for the "second" Olympics for those facing physical challenges!

For the snow around here ... it will all be gone tomorrow morning, I am reasonably certain.

tradgardmastare said...

Super photo- it is not only my wife and daughters who love to see the internal/external photos of houses on EvE ,I must confess I really enjoy them too. I have always fancied a wooden house .

A J said...

Mother Nature does have a warped sense of humor...

Anonymous said...

Jeff - I would quite willingly have swapped our January weather for yours. I live in northern England and we've had the worst winter for years. Snow, snow and more snow. 'orrible stuff.