Sunday, April 18, 2010

A New Look for the Blog --   

Well upon reading the latest post from the Grand Duchy of Stollen, wherein Stokes mentions that adding a photo to the top of the blog is easy, I decided to do so.

I will probably look at several different photos . . . so don't be surprised if there are some different looks here until I decide.

-- Jeff

How to Add a Background Photo

After the above post had been online for a few hours, it occurred to me that I should explain HOW to add a photo . . . it is very easy.

First -- Find the photo that you want to use . . . and look for one that doesn't have a "busy" top half, because you want your blog title to show against this background.

Next -- Go to your blog's "Dashboard".  There are several options --  New Post, Edit Posts, Settings, Layout, Monetize.  Click on Layout.

Now -- Right under the tabs at the top of the page are a number of Headings.  The first of these is "Page Elements" . . . click on it if it isn't already at the forefront.

Then -- Go to the first "block" right under the "Navbar" --  this should be your "Header" area.  On the far right there is an "Edit" link . . . click on it to bring up a window.  

 Now -- You should see a list of items you could edit -- "Blog Title", "Blog Description" and "Image".

 Wait -- Do not enter your chosen background image yet.  First, scroll down until you see the choice "Shrink to fit" and make sure that this it checked.  Otherwise your Header Photo may be way way wider than the rest of your blog.

Now -- Add your chosen background photo by either using the "Browse" feature OR the "From the web" button. 

Almost Finally -- Scroll to the right and click on the  "SAVE" button.

Now --  Click on one of the "View Blog" links to see how it looks.  If everything looks good to you, you're finished.  If you dislike the photo, go back to "Page Elements" and click on the "Header" "Edit" button, "Remove" that photo and try a new one.

But -- If the photo is fine, but the Blog Title and Descriptive text color doesn't show up well, is there another text color that would work better?  

If so -- On the "Layout" page, right next to "Page Elements" click on the "Fonts and Colors" heading.  The 9th color choice down is "Blog Title Color".  Click on this to then select a different color for both your Blog Title and Blog Description (I think that they are always the same -- but I could be wrong).  

Remember to SAVE!

Also -- If you scroll down farther you can change Font Size, etc. as well.

 I hope that this helps some of you . . . it is really very easy to do.

-- Jeff


Fitz-Badger said...

Jeff, you might want to check the font used in your title, the bit that says "Saxe-Bearstein". I'm seeing ugly old courier font. If you're using a font that other people might not have you might consider making the text part of the picture.
(are we going to see a wave of blogs adding photos to their banners? :) )

Bluebear Jeff said...


I've tried changing it . . . but it doesn't seem to want to change. But it doesn't bother me as it is, so I'll leave it for now . . . but thank you for commenting.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

Great idea Jeff

A J said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Jeff. I think I'll attempt a photo on both of my blogs sometime soon.

tidders2 said...

Like the background picture for the blog header

-- Allan

Fitz-Badger said...

Jeff, the title looks fine now. And thanks for the instructions! I'm tempted to try it myself. I'll have to look around for suitable pictures (or take one if if don't have anything I want to use already.).

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call a title. And thanks for the explanation.
By the way Jeff, like Fitz-Badger I usually add all the text to the picture itself - using a suitable graphics program of course. Only then do I upload it as the title heading. That way I can place the text over the title picture wherever I like, and can use whatever font I have available on my computer for the text itself.

- Steve

Paul Liddle said...

Thank you Jeff, I've just used your guide to alter my blog.



MurdocK said...

I love that our little battle picture was the one you used!