Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Birthday . . . *sigh*  --     

Well it is June 19, which means that I'm another year older. 

My darling wife did get me three gaming-related books . . . well, okay, I ordered them for her to give to me some time back . . . but I'd forgotten what they were.

Two were "Colonial".  Winston Churchill's "The Story of the Malakand Field Force" and Byron Farwell's "Armies of the Raj".  The other was for one of my "hopefully some time in the future" projects . . . "The English Civil War" by Peter Young and Richard Holmes.

So all-in-all I am well pleased . . . now if only I could regain the good health I had in my youth . . . *sigh* . . . but I haven't figured out how to undo birthdays.

-- Jeff


SteelonSand said...

Hi Jeff, and many happy returns to you at Bluebear HQ!

So - Malkand and armies of the I detect a sea of khaki soon to be on the march?

David said...

Happy Birthday! That's 3 good acquisitions to read (I know the Churchill and the Young/Holmes' books and they're good :-)). But I agree - getting older isn't fun but sadly it just happens. :-(



Fitz-Badger said...

Happy birthday! Getting older might not be fun, but it beats the alternative! :)

Sounds like a good set of books. I read Churchill's Malakand book recently. Great inspiration for a NW campaign. Can't beat Young for ECW. And Farwell seems to be one of the "names" when it comes to books about the Colonial era.

El Grego said...

Happy birthday !!

tradgardmastare said...

Many happy returns Jeff!
best wishes

Capt Bill said...

The Reich Duke has ordered the artillery to fire a twenty one gun salute in your honor, and all of Beerstein wishes you many more happy birthdays...

MurdocK said...

Most Heartfelt Happy Wishes on your Birthday Jeff!

Prince Lupus said...

Many happy returns Jeff

Ross Mac said...

Well happy birthday Jeff and I wish you good gaming this year and some exciting new toys.

(something to be said for doing this project in 54mm plastic now that ACTA has finally produced all 3 arms., easy to see while painting, easy to hang onto when the hand cramps.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Ha... hippo birdy, Jeff.

Looking forwards is the key - looking backwards at my (our?) age is just depressing! :o))

Anonymous said...

My belated birthday greetings Jeff. I've not had time to get around to all my favourite blog sites, but I know you visit mine regularly (cheers).
Those books sound like good reading to me. And may I put in my "twopenny worth" on the Siren's Song? My mother always said, "Don't let your eyes be bigger than your belly" - in other words, "don't get carried away". Remember, the birth of a new army is like the birth of a new baby - it takes tons of commitment, hard work & some tears, and it takes a long time to "potty train" (no it doesn't, I just put that in for a laugh.)
Whatever you decide, enjoy the journey.