Monday, October 31, 2011

(OT) Trick or Treat Report --

Well it was rather disappointing tonight ala "trick or treaters". Last year we had 108 T&Ters over a 2 1/2 hours. This year we only had 63 over a 3 3/4 hour window. That is 45 fewer than last year

I try to take photos of most of the costumes so that my wife (who is a semi-invalid) can get to see them later. Most kids came in groups like the one above (click on photos for a hopefully better view . . . depending upon how Blogger is dealing with photos this week).

The little fellow above was one of the first; and the girl below (who looks out through the hat) probably had the best costume. Overall it seems to me that we had far fewer "little kids" without a corresponding decrease in teenagers.

Now what are we to do with all of the left-over candy? Both my wife and I have Type II diabetes . . . so we can't eat it . . . ah, well, we'll think of something like having it out for gamers.

-- Jeff



Great idea of capturing the costumes. I will have to remember to do that next yeay. I baged the treats this year and ran out before the last tricksters came. Happy Halloween

John M.

marinergrim said...

I thought that last night was disappointing too. We only had 6 and it was all over by 7pm. The good thing this year was that all the kids dressed up and had taken time to dress to scare - previous years a mask was all that some bothered with.