Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gout Strikes Me Again --

Yes, being very Eighteenth Century, I am once again afflicted with an attack of gout.

This time it is in my left ankle . . . and it hurts like something that would get this blog censored.

No, gout does NOT just attack the big toes (although those are common and very painful). It can attack in any joint. Besides the toes, I've had it in ankles and knees . . . none of which are any fun.

My only real other gaming news (as reported on Colonel Hud's Colonial Blog) is that my Afristan Campaign is currently in hiatus due to a serious health issue with one of the players (he is facing heart surgery on Monday morning).

Okay, I'll admit that I have also played a few sessions of 1st edition AD&D . . . well I did get my start back in the '70s with role-playing . . . and I've contributed the use of my figures to represent characters and bad-guys on the table top. But it isn't the same as "real" toy soldiers.

-- Jeff


abdul666 said...


Then, you are in the situation of Maurice de Saxe at Fontenoy: a 18th c. battle gamer could refer to worse precedents :)

AD&D: youngster! the 'brown box' + the first 2 supplements, *that's* real D&D :)

Best wishes,

Bluebear Jeff said...


I'm not running the Ad&D game; but if I were, we'd be playing "original D&D".

I think that the "Basic" rules are far far better than AD&D and it's execrable descendants. I much prefer Imagination to looking up everything and its mother on charts.

I don't want rule-heavy "realism"; I want creativity.

At least we are playing 1st edition and not the later versions that obscure the original joy and purpose of ROLE-playing with too much dice-Rolling.

-- Jeff

PS, I hope this makes sense . . . I'm zonked on pain pills.


Hope you return to good health soon Jeff. During Colonial Barracks I was hobbling around without my cain, (lost it). Now that my need is not great, I almost tripped over the lost cain,(of course I had already ordered a new cain). My bad knees and back will not really go away. I wish you well and hope you can quickly get through this period of affliction.

MurdocK said...

Be Well Jeff and we will be back to the the painting table soon ... then the minis table after that!

Ross Mac said...

Jeff, I hope this bout passes swiftly.

I highly recommend Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame for such times.
A fast simple game that can be played sitting down at a card table or the kitchen table or even a corner of the games table, is just the thing to distract one at such times while you get off your feet. Maybe for next time.

tradgardmastare said...

Hope you feel better soon Jeff...

tidders2 said...

Hope your gout gets better soon

-- Allan

Gallia said...

Hi Jeff,
I am very sorry to read about the gout attack. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
Let's see. A little chatter. My paint brushes are too heavy. The painting challenge I was involved with drained my dilithium crystals after 5 November. Only on the 11th on Friday evening did I manage to brush primer paint onto some miniatures. After that I changed subjects and got some 15mm vehicles deflashed and glued together for my 7th Armoured Division - N. Africa WWII. I needed a change of pace. Still do.
Thank you very much for all your writings and support over the years.

Shaun said...

For gout, take a table spoon of 'apple cider vinegar' mixed into pint of water, twice a day.... Clears mine up within a couple of days usually.

Cheers shaun