Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Silly Injury --

A few nights ago I got up in the middle of the night to do something. I raised my left arm up to reach something as I was twisting to the right . . . and it happened.

I coughed.

Pain lanced from my spine along one of my lower ribs on my right side. Very sharp immediate yelp-out-loud pain. . . . all from a silly cough at the wrong time while I was doing the wrong thing.

I didn't pop the rib free from the spine, but I sure did mess up the intercostal muscles. You know, the ones that hurt when you breathe or move or (heaven forbid) cough.

So I've been doing little more than taking pain meds and sleeping . . . all because of a little cough . . . oh yeah, I also feel very silly too . . . but I can't laugh about it because that hurts as well.


-- Jeff



I have felt your pain Jeff.
I once had a coughing spell and popped the cartlidge in my ribs. Take your meds and bear the pain and health can return.

Fitz-Badger said...

Oh, man! That sounds painful. I hope you mend quickly!

tradgardmastare said...

Hope you feel better soon.
How is your friend who underwent the operation?

MurdocK said...

Stand Tall Jeff (lie down for now).

We can do more later.

Gary said...

I blame the Stagnonians

marinergrim said...

Get well soon Jeff. Sounds like a good excuse to sit down and just relax for a while.

marinergrim said...

Get well soon Jeff. Sounds like a good excuse to sit down and just relax for a while.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Thanks for all of the good wishes, fellows. I'm doing okay; most of the time it just aches . . . but with frequent unexpected "zings" when I move in a way it doesn't like.

My fellow gamer, Peter, is now out of hospital after his heart surgery. I know that he's at home, but I've not talked to him yet . . . right now I suspect that rest is the best thing for both of us (although what I'm going through hardly compares with what he's been through).

-- Jeff

johnpreece said...


I am so sorry, it never rains but it pours and you seem to be collecting more than your share of ailments at present.

My very best wishes and prayers to you and your wife.


Bluebear Jeff said...

John & Everyone,

This isn't that serious . . . just uncomfortable and so frustratingly silly in the way it happened.

Well not really silly; but I sure felt like it was silly. I mean if one is to end up in pain there should be something "substantial" that caused it . . . not a quick little cough.

My wife's health problems are far more serious than mine (lots of post-brain surgery stuff . . . not intellect, physical problems . . . but she "soldiers on" wonderfully). My problems, while painful (gout is no fun) aren't really that serious, they just keep me from doing things.

I'll be okay in a while; in the meantime I'll just have to take it easy.

-- Jeff

tidders2 said...

Ouch !! Hop it clears up soon

-- Allan

Michael Mathews said...

No doubt an insidious plot from a rival nation. Double the guards! Accept the best wishes for a speedy recovery from the Grand Duke and Duchess Alexander and Mara Orzepovski of Litharus.

Seriously, I once put myself on my back for five days by bending over to take a bowl out of the dishwasher. Something went "zing!" and I was in agony. Our bodies play nasty tricks on us.

Ross Mac said...

The Fickle Finger of Fate strikes again! I Hope the pain passes soon.


Gallia said...

Oh my,
Get well soon!

A J said...

It's easily done. I sent my back out of whack once when putting the vacuum cleaner back in the closet. One slight wrong move and - ouch!

I hope you feel better soon, Jeff.

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