Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good "Bad News" --

Well we saw the doctor today for the results of my CT scan. And the news was good!

"Bad" in that, yes I do have rectal cancer, but "good" in that the cancer does not appear to have spread. Next steps are radiation therapy then surgery.

I wish to thank everyone who has expressed their concern for my health and for all of the prayers and good wishes that have come my way. Please keep them coming because I am not a great subject for surgery (mid-sixties, diabetic and seriously overweight), so your prayers (of whatever faith) continue to be most welcome.

Finally I would like to mention that, while the stress of this has been (and will continue to be) pretty intense, reading and thinking about our shared hobby has succeeded in keeping me somewhat distracted . . . which has been a great help.

Thank you all again.

-- Jeff


Jiminho said...

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for sharing your news, I am so glad that things look mostly good and manageable. You must have passed a terribly stressful week; this might be quite a crazy hobby but it CAN keep you sane! Time to get a game in...

All the best,

tradgardmastare said...

I am pleased to hear the positive news.
Prayers for you both will be on going...
A looonng week for you indeed.
We will be with you in the weeks ahead and our hobby is a great and glorious distraction indeed!
best wishes

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Best wishes, Jeff...

Gallia said...

This is good news mon ami. Prayers will be made at Mass during "Petitions" for you and the Mrs.
For me this hobby is the best distraction from thinking about bothersome issues.

Jacko said...

Excellent news that it has not spread and I wish you all the best on the treatment.


A J said...

Good news indeed, Jeff. You have my best wishes for successful treatment and a short and painless recovery.

I also find this absurd hobby of ours to be a welcome distraction from the burdens life imposes upon us.

Prince Lupus said...

It's gonna be a tough few months Jeff. Then prepare for a good Christmas.

Best wishes - Martin

Colonel Shofer said...

Now, that's the way for such news to go !

Good luck on your treatment, all crossed here for you.


Unknown said...

Good show ol'boy, jolly good show. More bad news I'm afraid, reports from Beerstein says the Duke is flexing his military muscle and holding gratuitous parades.

marinergrim said...

good news there Jeff. Remember that bed rest = reading time, so get all those hobby books you've wanted lined up now.

Conrad Kinch said...

Hard luck old chap. You'll be in my prayers.