Friday, August 17, 2012

Rivers and Roads --  

Previously I have been using masking tape and painting tape for my roads and rivers respectively . . . which worked but wasn't very appealing

So earlier this year I purchased some of Eric Hotz's "River System" sections for my rivers . . . and I'm quite happy with them.  But he hasn't got any roads into production yet; and I was tired of waiting.

Therefor a couple of days before I was scheduled to start my chemotherapy I went to our local fabric store which was having a sale and got a chunk of dirt-colored vinyl (I would have preferred felt for its "stickiness" with my table cloth but they didn't have any good colors for it).

True, I have yet to cut any road shapes out of it yet . . . I don't have a lot of energy . . . but it should work okay.  I also have to decide just how wide I want to make my roads.  I'm thinking of perhaps something in the 55 mm to 60 mm range because I'd like a bit of road to show on either side of my bases (47 mm cavalry & 40 mm infantry) so that it is obvious that they are on the road . . . but not too much more than that.

So I will soon have some better-looking terrain than in the past.

-- Jeff


Archduke Piccolo said...

I use 'grit paper' - the sort of stuff you line the bottom of bird cages with. Cut to about 4cm widths, with some curved sections, they make fine secondary metalled roads.

I have two types, one dust coloured with small 'pebbles', the other more like sand and sea shell. The sea shell bits come in strips, so I cut the strips to make sure they went down the centre.

A dark coloured vinyl I reckon would look great for modern main roads, highways and autobahns.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Well since I am using them for 18th century gaming I don't need "modern" looking roads.

Thus I picked a sort of dark tan or light brown color that looks more or less like dry dusty dirt for my roads.

I will try to post some photos once I've got some cut . . . but please don't expect them too soon.

The chemo is knocking me for a loop . . . I'm not in pain or suffering nausea; I'm just very tired. I particularly get a fresh wash of fatigue a while after I take the chemo pills twice a day.

-- Jeff

justMike said...

Jeff -
In the past, we've used cheap place mats. You can find them in any of the dollar stores. Get them in a neutral color and then liberally wash them with additional earth tones until they look like what you want. Truth is, I like your idea for painter's tape for waterways. You can make up some shoreline, but the tape allows you to vary the width of the waterway from game to game. Hope you're feeling better. - Mike

tidders2 said...


I've recently re-done my roads using green fabric strips approx 4cm wide, with cart ruts painted on, these look a lot better that the sandpaper strips I used to use.

My river sections I made a couple of years ago using cork and clear plastic are warping (problem - the different materials expand/contract at different rates), these are next on my list for replacement

Hope you're feeling better

--- Allan

A J said...

Keep your chin up, Jeff, and make a speedy return to full health.

I acquired a section of tar-based roof shingle which proved ideal for roads. It's flexible and cuts easily, and takes acrylic paint well. I'm using lengths of it for my AVBCW set up, and I think when painted the right colors it could suit any period.