Monday, August 20, 2012

"The Stagonian Wars" Officers --  

As recently posted on the "Kingdom of Stagonia" blog, I will be using one of Ross Macfarlane's "Optional Rules" from his "Hearts of Tin" rules . . . but with my own "twist" to them.

Each general will have a brigadier as a "protegee".  This will be determined randomly by die roll.  If his protegee is at the battle, the general will endeavor to give him the best troops or command.

The actual "characters" of generals and protege's will be diced for the first time they take the field . . . which will, of course, not alter the protegee status should he be a dolt (he might be a relative after all).  A list of the Stagonian command officers can be found here; those for Saxe-Bearstein are listed below:


  1. General Baron Helmut von Pilsner --  protegee is von Molstein
  2. Lt. Gen. Hertz von Stout --   protegee is von Zendabrau
  3. Maj. Gen. Otto von Lager --   protegee is von Maltz
  1. Brig. Karl von Blatz --  
  2. Brig. Dieter von Maltz  --  von Lager's protegee
  3. Brig. Fritz von Hoptz  --  
  4. Brig. Baron Viktor von Zendabrau  --  von Stout's protegee
  5. Brig. Rupert von Shaffer  --  
  6. Brig. Baron Adolph von Molstein  --  von Pilsner's protegee
The main reason for both using Ross' "Non-Player Commanders" character rules with the addition of protegees is to develop stories, not just battles.  We shall see how it works out.

-- Jeff


Archduke Piccolo said...

Great minds...! I have a similar scheme for Napoleonics: British, Genl Whitbread; French Genl (later, Marshal) Dubonnet (theor's a Heavy Cavalry General Grand-Marnier, too); Austrian, Graf von Carlsberg; Russian, Count Ignatius Smirnoff; Prussian, Prinz Holsten. Possibly they have ancestors or relatives in your armed forces?

Incidentally a Norwegian soldier of fortune, one Frydenlund, is looking for employment.

I agree that huge possibilities for an interesting narrative are opened up in this way. I like your 'protegee' idea, too. The whole gig looks pretty intriguing.


Ross Mac said...

Should add an interesting twist to the games.