Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Action Deck Built --  

Clarence Harrison's "Victory Without Quarter" rules, which I am going to use for my "Alpian Wars" mini-campaign, use an "acton deck" of playing cards to activate units and/or brigades.

To the left you can see what some of my cards look like.

I will note that while the Alpian cards are in red, those of the vile Stagonians are printed in black . . . the color of the hearts of that foul Imagi-Nation.

These cards were then trimmed and using clear packing tape, and taped to playing cards.

Including other units there are 15 cards for each Imagi-Nation including the four commanders (one General and three Brigadiers per army).

And, finally there are six "neutral" cards printed in green ( two artillery actions, two reload cards, one Event card and one End of Turn card).

So anyway now the action deck is completed . . . and that is one less thing to be finished before I can contemplate a game.  Next up is gluing weapons into the hands of the open-handed "Swordsmen".

-- Jeff

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