Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Stagonia Wins 2nd Battle

After losing the first engagement (The Battle of the Crossroads) in the Alpian Wars mini-campaign, Stagonia has rebounded to win the second conflict (Battle of the Bellevue Hills).

Position Prior to Alpia's Withdrawal
As seen at left, Alpia (on the left) outnumbered Stagonia . . . but they had lost over half of their force and still had to force the tree line . . . which General Rossi felt would not leave enough to then carry on with the invasion.

Stagonia will undoubtedly now try to gather its forces and attempt to push Alpia back out of its territory . . . and Alpia will almost certainly resist this effort.

I am very much enjoying this combination solo/email game with Ross Macfarlane giving orders for the Alpians and David Murdock doing likewise for the Stagonian's.

I would therefor suggest that some others who need or prefer to play solo games to consider recruiting some gamers from the "Net" to command the forces on your home table via emails . . . it certainly gives an interesting slant to things.

-- Jeff


tradgardmastare said...

Go Stagonia go!

Unknown said...

Jeff I totally agree it often makes a very enjoyable game to have web players making the decisions for other parties in your campaign. In my Rechburg blog I have 2 friends who make all the strategic decisions for other nations via Email and usually we try to get together to fight the battles.
Occasionally I will fight a battle solo but prefer other people to fight them for me.

Love your campaign so far.

Fitz-Badger said...

Boo! Hiss...

But sounds and looks like fun. A good way to add some interest and fun to your games.

MurdocK said...

I'm happy you are back at the table and getting enough juice from it all to blog and want more!


Gallia said...

Yes to all that has bveen said - especially You getting back in the saddle again Jeff.