Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May Day = Distress

I am in distress today indeed.  I've been wounded in battle. . . . Okay not exactly "battle" but as an after-effect of my battle with cancer and recurring abscesses in my mouth.

So I am currently in quarters recovering from a severe mouth injury.  The oral surgeon removed an enemy pistol ball (actually a cyst to be biopsied) as well as 17 damaged teeth.

Therefor I am here with a mouth stuffed full of gauze as I continue to bleed (although much less badly than earlier).   So I look at the calendar and cry, "May Day, May Day" since I am definitely in distress.

-- Jeff


Archduke Piccolo said...

Having experienced not very long ago how even just one tooth can make a mockery of one's threshhold of pain, I'm not even going to try to imagine 17.

Let's just hope a few days will make a difference. May the Fourth be with you...


Capt Bill said...

Sorry to hear of your latest medical problems, there surely must be a a few 6s left in your dice cup. All of Beerstein wishes you a sppedy recovery. Best regards, Bill

Jiminho said...

This is a mayday indeed, Jeff. I can only guess what it must be remove 17 teeth at once; your forbearance is heroic. If it helps to hear it, a friend went through a similar operation and got through it all well. I hope the 2nd of May looks a little brighter and a bit more so everyday thereafter.


tradgardmastare said...

Best wishes Jeff for a quick recovery for your latest vexation form all here in Tradgardland.

johnpreece said...

Nasty, all I can say is you have my sympathy and best wishes.

I hope each passing hour brings some improvement.

Ross Mac said...

Probably not a good time to "bite the bullet"! Hopefully the pain will pass quickly and you can get on with healing.

Be well,

Bluebear Jeff said...

First, may I offer thanks to all who have commented.

But I have been fortunate SO FAR not to have had much pain . . . indeed the "freezing" is still partially in place (and the pain pills seem to be effective).

The bleeding mostly stopped some hours back now so I no longer have a mouthful of gauze . . . although the first six or seven hours were quite uncomfortable indeed.

The biggest hassle will be eating. I'm on a liquid diet for a few days.

But even after that, since I can't chew (no top teeth, I can't even close my few remaining lowers to my upper gums I will have to limit myself to "soft foods" for a number of months.

But I'm still here and I've been thinking of painting figures and how I will organize the new Bloodaxe units that arrived from Historifigs a few days ago.

I should paint a bunch of grenadiers for existing units first. I really should. But those new Hussars are awfully tempting.

Hopefully my mouth won't be too painful when the freezing ends . . . but time will tell.

A liquid diet graduating to soft foods . . . oh yummy (not).

-- Jeff

tidders2 said...

best wishes for a speedy recovery

-- Allan

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Yee gods you're going through it, Jeff... best wishes....

abdul666 said...

Best wishes, Jeff!

John Y said...

I can only imagine that the pain which this will relieve was actually far worse.

My mouth hurts just thinking about it.

Hopefully, the new miniatures make the healing process more tolerable.

May your recovery be a speedy one!


Keith Flint said...

Very sorry to hear of your misfortunes Jeff. Here's to a speedy recovery!


nundanket said...

You're certainly going through the wars Jeff. All the best on a speedy recovery.

Your Blucher-like eagerness to get back into the fray is inspiring.

I had to laugh when I read "I should paint a bunch of grenadiers for existing units first. I really should. But those new Hussars are awfully tempting". Typical bloody wargamer!

A J said...

So sorry to hear you've been in the wars. I don't like dentists at the best of times, so letting one near my mouth to do what one did to you doesn't bear thinking about. Paint up some more models, and take your mind off the troubles by doing something positive. Hope you feel better soon.