Friday, May 03, 2013

Some Initial Priming

I slept most of today (feeling worse than yesterday), which is not unusual after the first endorphin-driven "good" day following surgery.  And I'm hungry . . . a liquid diet isn't very satisfying . . . but I need to get used to it.

Anyway over these two days I've managed to get 110 figures onto painting sticks and black brush-primed.  Now that doesn't mean that they're ready to paint yet. but it is a strong start.

You see, my eyes aren't great.  Indeed, I'm due for cataract surgery this summer and I need help seeing uniform details.  So I use a black prime / white damp brush priming technique.  This means that the raised areas are highlighted and recessed areas are dark . . . which also provides some slight "depth" to my follow-up "block painting" . . . because I just paint to a "wargaming standard" and don't aspire to make each figure a little gem.

So, while wounded, I have still made some progress.

-- Jeff


abdul666 said...

"So, while wounded, I have still made some progress.": cheers! "In war three fourths are matters of moral ascendency."

Fitz-Badger said...

Continued best wishes on your health!
That's quite a good bit of progress! I keep meaning to try that technique of black basecoat and white (or other light color?) "wetbrush" to block in the shade/non-shade areas. In addition to helping with adding some depth and pseudo-blacklining, it seems it would help make the non-shadow areas of colors be more vivid than a pure black basecoat does. (I usually end up painting areas that are going to be red or yellow with other light colors first, but that means carefully blocking in the undercolor)

MurdocK said...

Still in the battle! HUZZAH!

Kelroy Was Here said...

"Never say 'die'!" And never stop painting/gaming/blogging!

Double huzzah!

CelticCurmudgeon said...


Continued best wishes on your recovery. At least you were able to get some things done! The forthcoming cataract surgery will have many beneficial results. When you discuss with the doctor your vision needs, he/she can select a lens implant which can give you all the precise, close up vision you can want! Until then, I wish you a very speedy recovery.
A/K/A The Celtic curmudgeon