Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More Power Woes --

Well, guess what? When we got up this morning, the power was out again. It just came back on about 15 minutes ago (4:45 pm our time) . . . and we just now got "browned down" so I'd better try posting this before it goes out completely again.


-- Jeff


marinergrim said...

Hope you're keeping warm - it must be getting cold up there.

Bluebear Jeff said...

We've got a nice wood stove, thank you, which keeps us rather toasty. Besides, we are right on the water, so it doesn't get too bad here. We haven't even been down to freezing yet (although it did hit 1' the other night). Right now, however, we are really getting hit with a pair of storms.

There is a "pineapple express" (tropical storm) following the jet stream right over us that stretches back to Hawaii AND a nasty cold "Alaskan" storm colliding with it. We're supposed to get 90mm of rain today! And right now the weather channel lists our local winds at 48 km/hr gusting to 81 km/hr. It's really storming outside right now.

HOWEVER, the many power outages we've been experiencing were all in nice weather. They had absolutely nothing to do with such nastiness.

Anyway, we are keeping warm . . . and dry for now.

-- Jeff