Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Power Games --

For the past two days we've been involved in "power games". But, no, it doesn't have anything to do with gaming.

We live on a small island (you need to take a ferry to get to it). BC Hydro (our power company) told us that power to the island would be "off" from 8 am Sunday morning until 1 pm (later they said 4 pm). They said that this was to "test the lines".

Okay, the power was out for this "testing" and then it was back on. RIGHT . . . until after the last ferry sailed at 11 pm. Then the island lost power . . . and, since the ferry wasn't running, a crew couldn't come to fix it until Monday morning.

Which they did; and the power was back on about 10:30 . . . and the crew went back on the ferry. Then, it went out again . . . and they had to wait for the next ferry before they could come try to fix it again.

Are you beginning to get the theme of this yet? I've lost count of the total number of times the power has gone out. Sometimes for hours, sometimes for just a few minutes . . . but we've had over a dozen outages since they "checked the lines" . . . and they obviously needed checking since we haven't had any problems since a big storm last winter.

Anyway I've had the power go out several times when I was trying to do things on the computer . . . and fortunately it is still working. But the first thing I do when the power goes out is to hit the "off button" on the power bar all the computer electronics are plugged into.

*sigh* . . . it's been a long couple of days.

-- Jeff

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marinergrim said...

And you get no joy from complaining either. not a sous comes back your way for them failing to uphold their end of the agreement (you agree to pay them for providing power - they agree to provide the power on demand).

We're thinking about installing a wind turbine and giving our utility provider the bullet.