Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Order Placed --

Well, in a little over a month we will be moving into our new home and I will finally be able to get all of my paints out of storage. I'm really looking forward to finally getting to paint figures again.

And, of course, my first order of business will be to begin work on my Saxe-Bearstein troops. To that end, today I placed an order with the Dayton Painting Consortium to get the rest of the RSM95 miniatures I need to complete my initial Saxe-Bearstein army.

I say "initial" because I suspect that when I've painted these troops, I'll want to add more units. That seems to always be the way it goes, doesn't it?

I've also asked for a few samples of French SYW troops . . . since I'm still planning (once my Saxe-Bearstein forces are painted) to build an opposing army (working name -- Stagonia). That, of course, lies in the future.

One nagging problem, since we will be moving and I never know how long Canada Post & Canada Customs will delay my order, I've had to ask that they not send it until we're about to move in . . . after all, it wouldn't do to have the figures go to the people moving out . . . which means that there will be a time gap before these figures arrive.

Good thing that I'd ordered others earlier, isn't it?

-- Jeff


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Good Morning Jeff,

Ah, new an order of new figures amd the move into your new place! That's exciting news. Mind if I enjoy your miniature and residential anticipation vicariously? ;-)

Enjoy the day,


marinergrim said...

Hi Jeff,

Good news on the moving date. I actually like moving house because it gives me time to empty long forgotten drawers and cupboards and discover all the things I'd forgotten (when we moved into our current house - 15 years ago - I found a complete 25mm Tibetan army i'd forgotten that I'd bought. It makes me wonder what there is in the big blue box and elsewhere that I've forgotten since!).

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Happy April Fool's Day Jeff,

Just a quick note to thank you for your continuing encouragement and your repsonse the other day to my query about imaginary campaigns. Looking forward to seeing your own RSM95 figures once you commence organizing and painting.

Best Regards,