Sunday, April 01, 2007

Game Table Quandary --

Well, it is still a whole month before we get to move into our new home; but I don't want to wait (even though I have to).

Here is a picture looking towards the far end of my "game room to be". It is 15 feet wide by 38 feet long.

Okay, the true "game room" portion will probably be only from the break in the wall back to the window.

In any event, I will have lots of room. So one of the questions I have to consider is "what size game table do I want?"

Part of the problem is that I'm sort of short and stout (that's a lot better word than "fat", don't you think?). My arms are not very long, so I don't want a table that I can't easily reach past the center of.

Also I have to decide how high I'd like the table to be (many are too low for my taste). As for style, here's a link to a nice concept for a game table:

Well, I've got a month to think about it anyway. I'm interested in any suggestions my readers might have.

-- Jeff


marinergrim said...

Height is importtant. Too low and you end up with back ache, too high and you can't reach the centre.
Tables at the Grimsby club are all 8' x 5' surface and 4' from floor to tabletop. this top surface allows us to play a wide variety of games and scales - although for our WSS games we do play 15x6 or longer!
Storage underneath for scenery and boards.

flexibility is also important. So how about having a main table plus additional length (possibly by having boards with tressle supports at the right height).

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Good Morning Jeff,

I suggest an approach similar to that Brigadier Peter Young apparently had -- A big table with a trap door in the middle. It will enable you to move your own trrops AND upset those of your opponents! Make it about 31/2 feet of the ground, so you have room to access the trap door.

Best Regards,


MiniWargamer said...

The table from the Drunk Dwarves is an excellent one. I made mine 4 by 8 using their example and the end 2 feet is covered in linoleum so I can put "stuff" on it or flip it for larger battles and expose the grassy side.

MurdocK said...

I am working on engineering a 'modular' version of the Drunk Dwarves table.

One that will allow 'sections' to be joined together.

The 'base' table would essentially be the one that the DD already has on thier site. Beyond that would be 'add ons'.

As far as 'basic' size I do not think that a table needs to be more than 5 feet across, with 4 feet being a much easier size, since most plywood is already that 'width'. For length 6 feet gives three good 2 foot by 4 foot 'columns', however I have found that the extra 2 feet in an 8 foot by 4 foot table has been of great value.

To end my ramble, Jeff, I think a 'base' DD table, 10 feet by 4 feet (where the each end 2 foot 'section' are done as 'flipable' zones). Then look into making "add on" or "extension" sections.

Another idea, in connection with the DD table is a 'widener' where a 1 foot section is 'added' to the width of the table. This could be done to both sides making for a 10 foot by 6 foot table surface (though the wider 'leaves' would be less 'stable').

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...I love that DD table, and if I was starting from scratch that would be my start point...

The table I have at the moment has been with me for many years and is simplicity itself - it's also 6' x 4', made from chipboard, and is bolted on one side to a couple of roof rafters (my game room is the loft), and on the other side I have a couple of hinged, drop down legs... if necessary taking the table down is just a matter of undoing a couple of bolts, and swinginging up the legs... I have an optional section on the end to increase the length by 2' (to make 8' x 4') - as per the DD's it's useful for record keeping, reinforcements, casualties, oh, and tea/biscuits.. :o))

If I had a choice, I would go for the DD solution but make it 8' x 6' - for two reasons

1/. I use 2' square terrain tiles so all lengths and widths need to be 2' divisible, and ...

2/. 4' wide is a little narrow for 25mm troops....

old-tidders said...

I'd go for an 8' x 4' table, with options for add-ons depending on space. I'm stuck with an 8' x 3' table purely as I have got a small room available to me; I have a tabletop height of about 3'.

If it's to be a permanent gaming room setup then build it to last, with plenty of storage space etc.. If not permanent then build it lite to ease setup and take down.

Allan (Wittenberg)