Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Uniform Templates --

David Morfitt (of "Old School Wargamers") has kindly sent me some "Hanoverian" style uniform templates. Please direct your thanks (as I do) to him.

I'm certainly presuming (from his emails to me) that David would love to see them in use. Now I will try to get some colored for Saxe-Bearstein units and posted here a bit later, but for now at least you can see the blank templates.

Note that, like Britain, Hanover (and, of course, the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein) used the "split cuff" (most nations did not).

David also sent me a Grenadier template, which is the second template. Saxe-Bearstein (at present) only plans one standing grenadier unit, but will have grenadier companies with each Battalion. These will normally be formed into non-permanent Grenadier units with those of the other units they are brigaded with.

I've posted these templates (like the earlier ones) in ".gif" format (although you may save them in other formats.

Thanks again, David.

-- Jeff


MurdocK said...

These are excellent Jeff,

Will David be doing more of the different styles?

Will you post them here?

Bluebear Jeff said...

Patience please, Gentlemen. Mr. Morfitt emailed me that he intends to create more templates. However he also has "real life" business which requires his attention.

So just be patient and more templates will appear. My suggestion is to "play" with the templates he's already done to experiment with colors . . . then publish when he gets around to doing the type that you want.

-- Jeff