Saturday, June 09, 2007

Uniforms of Mounted Troops --

Okay, I'm not even going to try to do my two Hussar units because I don't have a good template for them (and, like most hussars, they are fancy).

But I do have the uniforms of my other mounted units . . . and, as a bonus, the uniforms of my three jager units.

I will have one guard cavalry unit (horse grenadiers), two Heavy Horse, two Dragoons and two Hussar units:
  • Horse Grenadiers are in red coats with black facings.
  • von Klosterbrau Kuirassiers have white coats with red facings.
  • von Kodiak Kuirassiers have white coats with medium blue facings.
  • Wildschwein Dragoons have buff coats with red facings.
  • Edelbrau Dragoons have buff coats with green facings.
  • Hopfenperle Hussars primary colors are white and red (with busby).
  • Heineken Hussars primary colors are two shades of green (with Mirliton).
The three jager units are:
  • Karlsburg Jagers are in green coat with grey facings.
  • Falkenbrau Jagers are in green coats with off-white facings.
  • Eichhof Jagers are in green coats with buff facings.
So now you have some idea of what my troops will look like when I finally get to start painting them. (We are still in the process of getting moved into our new home . . . and it is amazing how much work there is involved in that . . . *sigh* . . . but I agree that it needs to be done before I get to relax and paint my figures).

-- Jeff


tradgardmastare said...

The uniforms look most interesting and I do hope you get time soon to begin to bring them towards being ready for the table.
Having moved quite a lot in the past I know just how time consuming it indeed can be- like some vast black hole at times!

Anonymous said...

I've just done a blank template for SYW hussars. It's large enough to show the detail and is in the style of a uniform plate rather than the style your others are but you might still be interested. After all, the hussars in most nations saw themselves as different from the crowd! ;-)

You can reply to my post on the OSW forum if you are interested:



Snickering Corpses said...

The other big opening as far as missing templates would be for the Prussian-style fusilier helm. Jeff, how hard would it be to convert the grenadier cap from this template to a Prussian fusilier cap?

Bluebear Jeff said...

Patience please, Gentlemen. Mr. Morfitt emailed me that he intends to create more templates. However he also has "real life" business which requires his attention.

So just be patient and more templates will appear. My suggestion is to "play" with the templates he's already done to experiment with colors . . . then publish when he gets around to doing the type that you want.

-- Jeff