Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Dragoon Regiments --

Due entirely to the success of the first two Saxe-Bearstein Dragoon regiments, Furst Bruno von Ursa has raised two subsequent units. (Note -- click on any of the following photos for larger photos).

The senior Dragoon regiment (seen above) is the Edelbrau Dragoons. In their red coats with blue facings, they have been elevated to "elite" status following their successes in both the Battles of Polkfurt and Stinz.

In their distinctive red and green uniforms, the Wildschwein Dragoons (above) have also been elevated to "elite" status following successes in a number of engagements. They recently earned a battle honor for the Battle of Fraudorf.

The Rottlager Dragoons (above) are newly raised . . . indeed they are not yet up to full strength. With still "raw" and awaiting their initial deployment, their colorful red and yellow uniforms are much loved by their troops.

The newest regiment (seen above) is also not yet up to full strength. Nevertheless, the Nachtbock Dragoons are proud of their gray coats with orange trim. While their "raw" rating rankles, they seem confident that they will earn many honors in their future deployments.

There you have a look at the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein dragoon regiments.

-- Jeff


Auston Jeff Butler said...

Very good pictures and well painted miniatures. Maybe soon the latter two regiments might become renowned in warfare for their prince.

A J said...

A splendid turn-out! I'm sure they'll make any foe who faces them tremble.

Fitz-Badger said...

Very nice (photos and minis), as usual! The Nachtbock Dagoons with their pale gray and orange are particularly striking.

abdul666 said...

All has already be said above!

I was really impressed by your 'Wars for Arcadian Glory' OOB. Are the '???' units those not yet painted? What is this mysterious 3rd secondary Nation?
Anyway I cannot but say 'Wow!'.

Bluebear Jeff said...


Yes, the ??? units are not yet painted. At the moment I have a complete OOB for Saxe-Bearstein EXCEPT for the ??? Horse Guards. These will eventually be RSM Hanoveran Horse Grenadiers, which I have but which are not yet painted.

I'm pretty sure that Murdock has all of his troops (and more) painted. Pete's got (I think) five infantry battalions and some guns painted and has begun work on his cavalry.

That mysterious 3rd secondary nation will probably be Murdock's Russian-clone . . . either that or his Prussian-clone, whichever he chooses next. I'm hoping for Russians because we already have lots of blue-coated troops.

-- Jeff

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...they are nice figures, painted well - what's not to like?? :o)